Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The mask of HIS countenance...

I am so grateful that God blesses us with children. I am also grateful that he believes that we will make good decisions while raising them. It's not always easy, but he trusts us.
One of the decisions that Mike and I have made is to try to be 100% honest in everything that we do. Which, in our house, means that Santa does not bring presents, and the Easter bunny does not leave the eggs. Mommy does. It's a decision that we feel necessary for us..(don't give me slack, I have had TOO MUCH slack as it is.. I won't judge you, please don't judge me)
Having said that, we have already had to sit down with Hannah and explain to her that, although we may not participate in some rituals, lots of children do, so we better be very careful as to what we say. (Not like the little guy in my Sunday school class who told the class that Santa was dead...I almost died myself when he said it..!!) Poor Tori Maracle thought her life was over..."Is he REALLY dead Amy?? OH NO NOT SANTA!!"

Today, we were able to retrieve Mike's motorcycle from storage. It's always a welcome day when he can dust off the machine and let all his cares and worrys blow in the wind. We had the little guy next door with us. (He has become my second son I think) On the way back home, we were driving ahead of Mike, and Hannah jokingly said (I'm not sure never know what kids are thinking of..)
"Don't worry mama, daddy will catch up to us. He has his magic hat on." (??)
A few moments later, Hannah asks me to slow down.
"But I'm not speeding honey."
"But daddy isn't coming, and he needs you to go slower."
Just then a hear a squeak from the back... it's David, the neighbour..
"Hannah..he's going to catch up to us. He has his majic hat on"
"Oh David" Hannah sighs "Majic isn't real. It's alushon. (she meant illusion) He CAN"T have a majic hat."
"yes it is.."
"Mahic Nah Wheel.." The 2 year old decided we needed his two cents worth as well..
So then the "yes it is's" and the "no it's not's" start...
"GUYS" I say.
"Well I'm donatella" (the ninja turtle) David barks.
"No you are not!" Hannah replys
"yes I am."
" are not. You are not a donatella...and you are NOT a turtle." Hannah whines
"Yes I AM!"
"GUYS" I am ready to stop the car for the bickering. "Stop fighting please."
"But MOM...He isn't a turtle.."
"Well I am when I get home. I put my mask on..and that makes me a ninja turtle.."
I chuckled. I made a mental note to speak with Hannah when we were alone. It sure is hard to learn what and what not to say...
Later on this afternoon, I was pondering the conversation. Was it possible to be too literal? It sure was okay to pretend....that's one of the ways we increase our imagination...
And then I imagined it, a broken, shattered me, human, sinful in many days where people would tell me I wasn't what I "thought" I was... I wasn't "really" that.. but I knew, in my heart, that once I had the "mask" on,(a mask I NEVER want to take off..) the countenance of HIM, that I was (AM!) anything he told me I could be. I couldn't be that on my own, but with HIS help, and his white garments, I could be all of what I thought..and much more.
I am so thankful for a God who allows us to make mistakes, to be too literal, to lose faith in ourselves, but remind us, daily, that by outfitting ourselves in him...we can be and do anything. Anything that he has planned for us.


Cheryl said...

Sooo good Amy. I always look forward to reading your insightful thoughts.

Thanks for being the special you that you are!

Jono said...

Yeah im with yah on the whole making mistakes.. He gives us so much room.

When is your biking hubby going to guest post?, its great to see more guys with blogs.. I think its a good way to get out things..that we carry around.

My wifey is blogging up a storm, shes starting to show signs of " Comment Reading addiction " :)

Jen said...


this is awesome! Mark and I have taken similar stands with our kids...some areas though, if I had to do over, I would relax a little, and parable some of the folklore and fairy tales. Such a fine line between being honest, and allowing imagination and creativity to flourish. Narnia taught me that.
You are doing an awesome job, soon-to-be-mommy-of-three!

I love your insight on being all that God says we are...yet needing his countenance to do it.

Holly said...


Our kid's have always known that Santa, etc are pretend, but if they want to "play the game" then we do. Every family is different and I am happy the way that we do it. I too was DEVESTATED when an older boy told me (I was 7) that Santa wasn't real.

I say as long as the kid's get gifts and candy they really don't give a hoot! lol

Tamar said...

I Love the way You brought out in such a Wonderful way The Result of Gods Plan for Us! It is so beautiful the way You wrote it!
I think You have way with words!
A Lovely Gift!

Shari said...

We didn't choose to introduce our children to Santa...etc. ....some of Kevin's family members did. We decided to not address it directly. We had toooooo many other things to stand firm on so this one we were flexible on and let Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy run it's course.

On the other hand we were REALLY out of balance on things like the Ninja Turtles - long story but the bottom line was I was VERY legalistic about them and probably offend some family members by not accepting some gifts - NOT SMART or very sensitive on my part!! In my case wisdom has come with age and learning from my mistakes.

Thank you God for your grace and for understanding family members!!

Anonymous said...

Oh so true, I am reminded again who we are in Christ. How His grace allows to be who we are and also who God see us as. And allow other people to be who they are, turtles or not!!!!!!
Thanks Amy!!!!!!

Shari said...


I just read the latest blog that your friend Joy has written - wow, she is an excellent writer. If any of you haven't checked it out I encourage you to do so.

Tamatha said...

Amy....I love reading your should write a book!:o)