Thursday, March 15, 2007

More pics for Cheryl...

Here's a few more of Cheryls cool do. I'll try to put as many as computer takes awhile to upload. Tomorrow I'll try to post some of Lindsays new room. (cheryl...your new hairdo gives me hope for Hannah's scraggles...she wants it long right now, but it's SO messy..God give me Someday hopefully she'll pick a sweet pixie cut.)


Cheryl said...

Thanks Amy, Pretty cool when you can live your chicky, girly vanity through your friends.

I love you loads and loads!

Missing you!

Shari said...

Love the hair cut but the colour is fantastic - it has a lot of warmth.

Williams Family Blog said...


You are such a hottie!! Looks great.

Now you have to update your photo on your blog..


Tamatha said...

Kewl....finally I get to see pics of the new hair do!:o) Looks great Cheryl!:o)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!! Looks sooooooo cool!!!!!!
Love, Tammy