Saturday, February 6, 2010

and again...

You will all be quite bored by the end of all of these renovations. (or already are!!) We live, eat, sleep and breathe them right now, so you can imagine there is little else going on around here.

We purchased this house brand new almost 5 years ago. It is definitely a cookie cutter house, with builder supplied, basic, purchase-the-package-this-is-what-you-get kind of house. But we love it. Slowly, we have begun to make it our "home".

Those of you who have "built" a house, whether cookie cutter or custom, you know there are tons of little things you don't notice because of the wide arrange of decisions you need to make. There are some things that just slip through the cracks.

In our case, one of the things was our front entrance light.
Once we noticed what we were allotted with, we laughed until we cried. We thought it very funny that a company would build a brand new home and give it this itty bitty tiny light when you first walk in.

If you look very close. (click on pic) Take a peak at how ridiculous it actually is.
So, after 5 years of laughing and saying "we really need to change that thing". We did it.
And, obviously, our families motto is "Go big, or go home"!!