Friday, February 29, 2008


A conversation with my 3yr old this morning.

"C-C-C-Can I have one mow of those f-f-f-fwogs?"
"Yeah. FFFFFFwogs."
"Can I? One m-m-mow of those fwogs. Pweease... And Hannah too?"
"Frogs honey? I don't know what you are talking about."
"You know...the ffwogs."
"No, I don't know. What frogs?"
"The fwogs. The b-b-bwack ones. The good ones."
"Frogs honey? I have no idea what you mean."
"Just one mow mama. PWEEEASE!!"
"Honey--I don't know what you mean."
"The fwogs. The bwack ones. The good ones. You got fow d-d-daddy."
" OHHHHHHH...the turtles? The chocolates?"
"Yeah mama. The twutles."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some would say...

I'm a bit naive. That would be my mothers fault. When you live good and truth, sometimes it's hard to even think of evil. Not that you are any just doesn't come as easy as it would for others. Especially those who don't know Jesus. Mind you, I do live a bit on the negative side, but I always try to look at the positive as soon as the negative pops up. Yet there are times when I think (or say) "I couldn't even imagine!"...well, because, I really couldn't imagine.

Last evening a friend of mine and I went to the movies. A good get away..and cheap night to boot!! On our drive home 'my friend' was telling me a bit about 'her friend' ... (is this where one inserts "the friend of a friend" phrase?) This "friend of a friend" is having trouble in her marriage (of 2 years). (no affairs, just not 'happy" anymore)
MY friends response to her was... DIVORCE!
During the conversation I kept saying "but she's married now"..and then "but she's married now". Finally, with a bit more force I said "But she CAN'T..she's MARRIED NOW!" and my friend says "AMYYYYYYYY...that's why they made DIVORCE!!"


Now, my friend was telling/asking me because she wanted to know my opinion on what she should tell her friend. Not that it was any of my business (or but 'her friend' was asking..and well..she wanted to know what I thought. Now, this friend I love DEARLY. She does not know Jesus, but she will. She knows of my faith and the answers I will give...but she really was certain that divorce was the answer.

I'm speechless.
I'm sad.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude...

And the award for this weeks' blessings go to..:


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kids can say the darndest things......

Looks as though I may have a regular weekly blog here...

A conversation between my 3 year old son and I AFTER I disciplined him for disobeying. He was sitting on his bed, for 3 minutes, until I came back to speak with him.....

Me: Honey. Now let's talk about why mommy had to "discipline" you.
Isaiah: Okay.
Me: Do you understand what you did and why you got into trouble?
Isaiah: Yes momma.
Me: Okay then, what did you do?
Isaiah: Ummm...
Me: You...dis...(starting the word, helping him out)
Isaiah: Ummm...
Me: You..dis..
Isaiah: Ummm...

Isaiah: (perking up) Yeah. I DISAPPEARED!
Me: (laughing) No honey. You DISOBEYED!!!

And with a little laughter into the situation, things went rather smoothly during our "talk"!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kids say the darndest things...

We have a bad habit in our home.
Funny thing-When I was first thinking of having children I was dead set against this habit...3 kids later...I waver a bit.
Seems as though, sometime in the middle of the night, usually between 3am and 5am, my children crawl into bed with me. (I say me, because Mike works a fair share of nights).
This is what I heard the other night (or morning I guess) who really cares at 3am??

Hannah: "Stop what?"
Isaiah: "Hannah stop picking your bum."
Hannah: "I'm not."
Isaiah: "EWEEE HANNAH!! STOP. Stop picking your bum and putting it in my face."
Hannah: (getting irritated) "I"M NOT!"

By now, I am laughing really hard. As I realize Isaiah is acknowledging his first case of Hannah's "morning breath".

As I explain to both kids what exactly smelled like "bum" we all had a very good laugh.
In bed.
At 3 am.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!

I'm a bit late.
His birthday was Thursday. The 7th.

Jason turned 35!!

I have been blessed with the best big brother!! Lately, he has been spending every spare time possible finishing our "rec-room". I know he is pretty much sick of the whole process (who isn't!!!), but when he is here, he doesn't complain or grumble (like I do!!). He is so handy with building and tools. He comes by it so naturally. He is always willing to jump in and help out. He is such a great servant. And he never likes to quit...he stays until the job is finished. He is very gentle. He has a rare sense of looking at some things in a very different light. He is the best "tryer-outer". He always eats what I cook--all my concoctions--and pretends to like it!!! (unlike my husband who is SO SO picky)) Jason has the most infectious laugh. I remember when we were kids, laying in bed, LATE at night, and he would be LAUGHING SO HARD at some TV show. I would start laughing...really TOO funny! He would protect a loved one until the end. He really is a great guy..and an even greater big brother.
Love you big guy.
Happy 35th!! Old geaser! (okay girls..I know it's not old, but I HAVE to bug him since he IS OLDER than me!!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Be careful little mouth what you say.....

I faintly remember singing a song in Sunday school...Be careful little ears what you hear... Anyone recall?
I sang it to myself today. Well, revised a bit.
I was recalling a recent visit from a "friend".
The doorbell rang, and, as usual, the kids ran to get it. I sauntered down with baby in hand.
The first thing my visitor said to us was...
"You STILL in your pajamas?"
I wasn't sure who they were talking or the kids. I quipped in "Yeppers, we are."
***Be careful little mouth what you say....***

The problem's not the mouth that I have to be careful with.
The song lyrics should read...

***Be careful little mind what you think....***

You see. As soon as my "friend" "greeted" us, I immediately reeled into these thoughts of what I wanted to say....

"YES! I am STILL in my pajamas. I am aware of this. YES! My children are STILL in their pajamas. I am aware of that also.
What YOU are not aware of is THIS....
I slept in until 7:10 this morning. I was greeted lovingly by hungry children. I prepared them breakfast immediately after our ritualistic "morning cuddles". Spoke with God. I was then summoned by a screaming baby. I nursed her, and changed her diaper. I threw a load of colours in the wash. Played 3 games with my children--one being the wizard of oz where I was the WIZARD!-not the witch!. I fed the baby her breakfast. Cleaned the breakfast dishes, as well as the dirty dishes left over from their father the previous evening. Checked my email-had some email correspondence with my mother. I put the colours in the dryer, threw a load of whites in the washer. Made the beds. Practiced cue card sight words with my oldest. Spoke to a good friend on the phone for 10 minutes. Put the whites in the dryer. Folded the colours. Sat on the floor with baby for 15 minutes helping her master the "sit". Made a list of ingredients I would need for my future baking needs. Shortly after that, all 4 of us started the process (if you've ever cooked with kids you know its a PROCESS!) of making cupcakes. It is now 10:00 and I was heading to the shower...AFTER I put the baby to bed...But YOU rang the doorbell.

And, as I was recalling this incident, I suddenly am aware of one thing. Again. It can take one person, one word, one small sentence, to be robbed of all that God has been speaking to us....I awoke with a great sense of who I was. The woman God made me to be. Yet, was deceitfully tricked by a simple phrase--of my "friend" and a foolish judgement.--on my part.
We all judge ourselves in some way. I was judging myself on what I had accomplished that day, and why exactly I was still in p.j's.

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!
God loves me for who I AM...not what I do!

I'm thinking tomorrow I JUST may spend the day in my pajamas. Watching TV or reading a book. Eating bon-bons. Anyone want to join me??