Friday, February 29, 2008


A conversation with my 3yr old this morning.

"C-C-C-Can I have one mow of those f-f-f-fwogs?"
"Yeah. FFFFFFwogs."
"Can I? One m-m-mow of those fwogs. Pweease... And Hannah too?"
"Frogs honey? I don't know what you are talking about."
"You know...the ffwogs."
"No, I don't know. What frogs?"
"The fwogs. The b-b-bwack ones. The good ones."
"Frogs honey? I have no idea what you mean."
"Just one mow mama. PWEEEASE!!"
"Honey--I don't know what you mean."
"The fwogs. The bwack ones. The good ones. You got fow d-d-daddy."
" OHHHHHHH...the turtles? The chocolates?"
"Yeah mama. The twutles."


Holly said...

I love your kids!!! They are so fun!

Roxanne said... long as it's chocolate...count me in!!

~Amanda~ said...

Priceless! Just priceless!

Anonymous said...

way too cute :)

Williams Family Blog said...

Three year olds are so much fun.
I still remember the fun we had on the camping trip where we introduced Keegan to bullfrogs. Aahh...boys and reptiles......

Jen said...

I'd be very thankful it was Chocolate he was asking for if I were you Amy....boys and the slimy, creepy things!

Mona said...

Too Funny
I love that age, You know?
When they are Free or is that Three

Anonymous said...

Ha! LOVE it!
Such sweeties

Tammy said...

Love your stories of your conversations with the kids. How cute are they!!!!!!!

Shari said...

Hum, I love turtles!!

Magda said...

That conversation sounds sooooooo familiar!