Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

My MOMMY is 60!!!

My mom is the BEST mom ever.
She taught me truth.
She taught me good.

One of the best things about my mom is that she absolutely adores my children. (and my brothers children!!) Many times when they are in trouble, they ask to call her...a bit of sympathy I guess? They love to spend time with her and sleep over night. There is always an open door. Always hugs and kisses. Too often junk food! Aside from that, she will call to take them for an afternoon just to help me out. Knowing that a good few hours can clean a house or tackle the laundry. She always thinks of me, even when she thinks of them. That means alot. Besides thinking of the fun of grandchildren, she thinks of her
Mom is very giving. She ALWAYS puts others before herself...ALWAYS! She tries to look at the good side of things. "Theres' always two sides to a story now"... She makes THE BEST roast beef and pork loin (I should know-I enjoy it every Sunday!) She is very kind and would go out of her way to help someone out. She is very clean and organized! She puts up with my dad...(she loves him!) She raised two of the best moochers alive! (Well done mama!) She takes us on HOT trips!! She loves unconditionally. (even when she doesn't agree) She supports us. She is really funny. And fun.

We all love you very much mom!!

Happy 60th Mom!!

(She is going to KILL me!!!!!)


Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Lorraine!!!! I know by how awesome your two kids are that you really are a great mom. And it is also very evident that you are a super grandma.

Enjoy your day and feel special, because you are!

Amy said...

Don't hurt me mom...

Holly said...

Happy Birthday you "silent blog reader"!!

Tammy said...

happy Birthday to you Lorraine. Your children have certainly risen up and called you blessed!!!! What a true example of a Proverbs women.
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want to say what a blessing it has been knowing you and your incredible family.

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Lorraine.
It was great seeing you the other night.
I hope you have the bestest Birthday Ever.
Love you lots and I am glad you are part of my life.
Blessings always

Jen said...

Lorraine you are an awesome mom....even to the motherless.
I will NEVER forget the times you have remembered me with something special on Mother's Day, knowing it had the potential of being a very tough day.

I will also never forget looking out my window (when we were neighbors), and watching you learn to rollerblade so you could have fun with your kids and grand are one rockin grandma!

Don't kill Amy...she is very sweet and we would all miss her.

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Missionary Lorraina

You've been
- my hairdressing assistant
- my bus buddy
- a shoulder to cry on
- a listening ear
- a prayer covering
- a parental coach
- a continual friend
- and the list goes on

Happy 60th to - You "Motor Cycle Mama"!

Roxanne said...

What a great way to honour your Mom. She can't possibly kill you!

Anonymous said...

You're right, she probably will kill you.... except that she has this soft spot for you Amy.

Lorraine - what a woman you are. My husband thinks you are one amazing woman - and I would have to agree. I have such fantastic fond memories of floating in your pool, shooting the breeze and having a wise woman who would sit and listen and offer timely advice to me. Not to mention---------- your kindness - your honesty - your unbelievable integrity and desire for honesty - at any cost.
YOU - are one of a kind, and one of the best cooks around too!
I love how you love your kids with a fierce love - like that of a mother bear.... you're the best!

With much admiration - to one hot lookin 60 yr old momma!

redeemed diva said...

My mom is turning 60 next year and reading your post made me think of my Mom--she too taught me truth. Congrats to your Mom. I'm glad that you have so many wonderful memories to celebrate with!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. B I had to use Rhondas pass word to leave a message but here we go.
There are two women in this world that I admire alot. I admire them for their love for their kids no matter how they messed up. They love their husbands unconditionally no matter what life throws at them. And they love God with all their heart.
These two women are my mom and you Lorraine. So bless you enjoy your birthday and I pray another great 60 years.
Love you and Happy Birthday
Mark McFaul
PS Mom will be 63 this year so don't feel bad:-)

Amy said...

This is Lorraine.

I had to get Amy’s password as im somewhat challenged on both the Blog and Face book I can’t seem to get the instructions correct to comment, someday I will have it down pat, in the meantime you will have to tolerate my computer illiterate.
Thanks for all the kind words, you made my transition to “60” so much easier.
I mentioned last week at our new life group, being a Mom and Grandmother was the joy of my life. Thanks again you guys are GREAT!!!!!!

jennifer said...

happy birthday lorraine you are a great grandmother and mother you deserve the best

Sandy said...

Loved this post! Hang on to your Mommie - hold her close! I lost mine at 62, 10 yrs. ago. I still miss her terribly ...