Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some things I reminisced upon

while sick in bed...(beside my husband who was also sick!!)

* I have wonderful family and friends --who are available to help at a moments notice...Thank you Loreen (mike's mom) Jodi (my neighbour) and mom/dad for looking after the kids while Mike and I spent hours in bed (SICK!!)

* God really does listen to 5 year olds who pray for "the sickness to go away"

* You know you're in love when you take turns vomiting (and other stuff) then kiss and exchange "I love you's"

* crying when you're sick really does make you feel better

* no matter how long one vomits when they are pregnant, there is no such thing as a "vito"

* sleep is good

* my children are very kind, and funny

(conversation the first morning that I woke Hannah & Isaiah up with my HURLING into the "throne")

Isaiah: "Mama, what me can do to help you?"
Hannah: "AHHH MOM, are you having another baby??"


Rhonda said...

I love that Hannah associated hurling with pregnancy!! I've so been there. Not fun at the time.

I was VERY sick while pregnant with Sarah. Before I got pregnant with Jonathan we 'tried' for nine months. When I first started feeling nauseous, while pregrant with him, the memories all came flooding back and I thought, 'oh boy, what have I done!'. But, we both know it is so worth it in the end.

Jen said...

Oh Amy!!!!
I sure hope you guys are back to full strength now. It is so hard having little ones and being sick...but when mom and dad do it at the same time....YIIHHH!

About the vomit nad kissing...I am thinking there is a VERY thin line between love and delirium!!!!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope you and your hubby are feeling better now! Bless your heart! This entire post just melted my heart.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime!
God Bless!

Holly said...

I sure hope that you are feeling better now?

That is sooo sweet what the kids said to you. What treasures they are.

Vicki said...

Hope you are recovering nicely. What a nasty bug! Just watched one of my favourite shows, Jon & Kate + Eight, where she had 6 kids sick at the same time!! Yikes.

Bless you ... be well.

Tammy said...

Kids say the cutest things..... I sure hope your feeling better, I'm sorry to hear that you have been sick. I should have taken your kids out in the snow after all.
Luvya girl......

Shari said...

So - have you answered Hannah's question... are you?

Roxanne said...

Your kids are so funny. A little laughter may just be what the doctor ordered.

Amy said...

HA HA SHARI! Aren't you a funny one!
The answer is NOOOOOOO!!!! I am NOT!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're sick. Been there done that.
One time we were both sooo sick, and still trying to take care of the kids.. and super tired.
We needed some gravol and gatorade to help us along the way.

Anyways, Sid mustered up enough strength to head to the local grocery store (Dewe's).. bed head and all.
While he was waiting in line up, he looked down and realized he had gone to the grocery store with just his boxer pj shorts on!

We he got back home... we laughed and laughed in between feeling like hurling. Might as well find a way to laugh in between the nausea.

Your kids are priceless and seem to offer lots of humor... kinda learned it from their hilarious parents.
I still laugh and tell some funny stories of worship practices with Mike and Amy. Thanks for continuing to make me smile... even at your expense of being sick.

redeemed diva said...

that's a great story Amy. I hate being sick, but I love that sometimes, in the midst of it, a good story emerges. :)