Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in your......

I was "surfing" (the net ofcourse...unfortunately not the ocean!!) recently and came upon a useless, yet neat website. (I'm SOO sorry...I don't remember the address, but if it's yours, take the credit please!!) I only had about 5 minutes to look around, but it made me smile. In a weird way. The website was dedicated to peoples 'fridges'. Yep. Their refrigerators! All around the world, people had posted pictures of the outside, but mostly the inside of the refrigerators. It was really funny. And interesting. To me. I enjoyed looking at the different 'ways of life' and the 'story' each one had.

I have decided to put my own twist on this and try to do a weekly "WHAT'S IN YOUR..." It will give you a small glimpse into my life, and if anyone wants to comment, or even post their own pics, cool. If not, no biggie.

As I ventured upstairs, camera on hand, looking to take some pics of my fridge, I realized that it was not a good representation of our life. You see, my fridge is completely EMPTY! Serious. It has been for a week. If I post pics of that, I am afraid I may be reported for neglect. We will leave that pic until next week...or after.

So for this week... I picked something everyone loves to snoop in. Come on, you know you do!

What's in your....BATHROOM VANITY?

I have been blessed with 2 bathrooms in my home. (soon to be 3!!) The first pic is from the bathroom in my room. On the left is Mike's "manly bag" and the rest is mine. The essentials-toothbrush, paste etc. That HUGE silver thing is my makeup (Imagine!! I really don't wear near that much, but it was a gift from Mike, and I couldn't be rude. I actually love it when I make time to use it--about twice a year!) And the plastic bag is full of my "everyday" fun stuff--contacts & solution, face wash, comb, moisturizer, etc.

This is a pic of the "main" bathroom. The children use this one (until theirs is completed.) Oddly enough, I didn't realize this house plan didn't come with a linen closet (??) so we have to use the vanity to keep the towels and wash clothes. UGH! Any of you with little girls know of the thousands of hairclips--so that is what is in the plastic containers.!!


Holly said...

Wow! You can see your strong organization skills shinning in these pics!! ;o) I don't have a digital camera...but if I did I think that i would be tiding BEFORE I took the pic!! lol

In our downstairs vanity we have:
-maxi pads
-extra toilet paper
-a small basket of "this and that"
-hair spray and gel
-3 bottles of cleaning products

Jen said...

Amy...Your Vanity cupboards are SOOOOO NEAT!!!!
Am I the only family of pigs?!?!??!

The boys have their own vanity which is mostly empty....infact, I usually find empty toiletries containers there...they also usually have the largest stock pile of xtra TP, as they have more space.

Ours is shared with the girls and as I have no storage in this house....well, not enough for a family of 6, it hosts all the regulars as well as things like the vaporiser, bathroom cleaning supplies...multiple curling/straightener irons and brushes....I can't wait for Mark and I to have our own bathroom, so at least one of the vanities can be kept neat.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are seriously tidy under the bathroom sink cupboards.. I think the only time mine were that tidy, was when I first moved in.
When I get home from work, I'll try and take photos... it will be scary.

Shari said...

I'm technically challenged so will have to learn another skill to do this one - downloading pictures from the camera onto the basement computer... I can just hear the laughter now!!

The main floor ones have towels neatly folded on the left. To the right would be extra shampoos, cleaning products, etc... no toilet paper under the sink as it's kept in baskets on shelving above the toilet.

Now my fridge is another story... it's nasty and very disorganized. To find anything you need to send out a search party!! Pantry, fridge and freezers are my weakness. If you have it why not fill it - and fill it - and fill it... after all you never know when the army might drop by and you'd need to feed them!!

p.s Amy maybe you should post a picture of your empty fridge... it just may result in a grocery shower or "love offering". lol

Roxanne said...

Please tell me you cleaned JUST before taking those photos!!

Magda said...

Tell me those are staged!
Like I'm gonna take pics of mine now - not...!


Amy said...

Roxanne---I did not. lol. I have a serious problem.

Holly said...

I like this "problem" of Amy's...because when she purges I usually get some of her "goodies"!!! lol

I love her generous spirit!

Mona said...

I'll have to muster up the courage to take a pic of my vanit better yet my laundry room.
Just so you know I don't have one it's actually a spare bedroom but my Grandaughter Mackenzie said to me one day
"when did you get a laundry room Grandma?"
Needless to say I have been ribbed by the family ever since.

Williams Family Blog said...

Oh man,
I would not be taking any pictures of my messy cupboards,...thats why you have then right? hide stuff in?
Well,to be perfectly honest,.. after doing some serious cleaning and purging in my mom's old farm house and moving her, I can't say the spring cleaning bug has bit me yet.

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness, your vanity is organized. My does not look like that even though I would like it to look like that. As I already told you, you should start a business helping people get organized. That's why I have my best friend to help me purge. However I have already went through my closet and got rid of some clothes. Getting ready for my birthday and going shopping. Also we painted our family room downstairs this past weekend. So I am ready for spring!!!!
Let's all purge!!!!!

Nana Cheryl said...

I can't imagine giving up my linen closet, that would be difficult. Under my vanity is not very interesting - cleaners and shampoo. I do have drawers with it and those are pretty interesting. ;o) Now my closet and my office - that's another story!! I have repeated comments asking when I will be purging in them!!

Ris said...

LOL, no way! You are so clean and organized! Want to move in with us? -Marisa

redeemed diva said...

I love this idea Amy. And once I get my camera going again, I will join in on your little quest. Could you look back through your web links memory and see where that fridge site was. I'd love to view that. Sounds fun.

Jen said...

I wish my whole family had Amy's "Problem"!!!!!

Shari said...

Mike was in Kevin's office before worship practice talking about your blog and vanity pictures.

He and Kev did get sharing notes however that their wives both are fussy about the cupboards... but claim that our sides of the bedroom are a lot less than the picture of perfection!! lol

I'm so fussy about some stuff but such a slob with my side of the bedroom.

Amy said...


That is a lie. MIke is telling a big fib. You can come over and check it out if you'd like. My side of the bedroom is very nice (if I don't say so myself). The only one that makes a mess is Mikey-boy....(AND YOU KNOW IT HONEY!!!)

Cathy said...

Wow, Amy! That's a magazine picture.

Tamatha said...

I shouldn't like to post a pic of my bathroom vanity!lol