Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."  
                                                                                                            Author unknown

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another...seriously people!

I'll be entering into my 7th year of being a mom soon. (May)  Somedays it feels like it started 'just yesterday', other days it feels like an eternity.  
I consider myself to be a pretty decent mom.  Sure, I have my bad days, bad habits, 'demon faces'(come on you know the face I'm talking about!).  But I have good days too.  And I try really hard.  Most times.  There are things that (I think) I am really good at.  Other things, well, I stink at.  But it's a work in progress right?  It IS the hardest job I've ever had--or ever will have!

Case in point:

98% of the time we have cereal for breakfast.  It's quick, easy, and my kids like it.  We have a variety like cheerios, special K, corn flakes, raisin bran. ( For a special treat (like never) I will buy fruitloops, or lucky charms.) I am introducing oatmeal in the very near future.  So, fairly healthy on the scale, but not the healthiest. I am VERY aware of our health and food consumption, yet I also need to be wary of our time and money.  Cereal seems to be it, for us, right now. 

One of the "good" things I do, is put a special 'treat' into their cereal every day::

And they LOVE me for it.  Actually, they don't even know it's in there anymore.  And some days, Hannah asks for just a bowl of AllBran by itself.  

I've covered dairy and fibre in the a.m. 


Soon, when I introduce the oatmeal, I plan on incorporating this into it.  I use it in pretty much everything I cook.  Throw in a tablespoon or two.  Just another one of the "good" mothering skills I have.

Obviously, with all my health concerns taking up space in my brain, I have forgotten some very important child-rearing lessons.  

Like manners.  

Seriously people, PLEASE tell me how my child of 18months learned this???!!

My husband insists this is necessary to get all the milk and fibre from the bottom of the bowl.  


Sunday, February 15, 2009


2008 was a hard year, but it's now 2009 and I'M SINGING!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Better late than never..

I've been told the "story" a few times. I don't remember all of the details, but I can piece together some of the facts, and the rest, well, those are just what I've taken away for my own personal memories.

Doctors once told my mom she was unable to have children. Actually, they told my parents that. I'm not sure if it was directed towards my mom, or my dad, but now, after having my own "experience", I'm certain it was my mom. I'll have to ask. Either way, after 5 years of trying, and professional advice, they had to seriously consider their options-even if my mother felt she was going to carry a child.

Late September 1972, my mother was sent to the hospital. She had been on a ridiculous, all-celery diet (don't ask!) which must have made her delusional, or, in the least, a bit light-headed, because she fell asleep under a sunlamp (now known as tanning beds). She suffered serious degree burns.

While at the hospital, she was informed that she was pregnant.


And the baby was to be born early March.


I'm sure my mother was bewildered. {Was this possible? But they had said..oh I always knew...but we've been trying for so long...I wondered why I was gaining weight and only eating, this can't be right..but..oh my..could it be?...our very are you serious????....}
A mere FOUR (and a bit) months later (FEBRUARY 7th, 1973.)

Jason John Beaumont entered this world.
It has never been the same since.

Happy Birthday (albeit a day late) big brother. I love you much.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's not news that I love to organize. Nor that I love to purge. It has a bit to do with the control freak/perfectionist that lives somewhere deep inside me, that I haven't quite tamed. I like straight lines, uniform, sameness. I don't mind this gene. I quite like it actually. If I can keep it under-wraps and not let it take over my whole being and control ME. (which, I might add, is a daily decision). The only "problem" with my love-of-everything-in-its-place is that I lose out on my creativity, my sense of colour, of uniqueness. Slowly, I am trying to merge them both together.

Dreaming isn't easy for a control freak. Or at least for THIS control freak. There are to many things to do now, too much to see and take care of now, too much to understand, organize, discard, make perfect, NOW. There is no time to look to the future, no time to sit and ponder the what-may-be's nor the I-sure-would-likes.
I have no idea what my future holds (which is scary to a someone "like me") and thinking about it seems futile if it can't be altered, cleaned, dusted, and neatly wrapped in a big box with a cute pink bow and some shiny wrap. But, as I learn and grow, I am aware that it has to be done, and it's actually a good thing!--dreaming that is! So the fact that I have put a few moments into my dreams and my future -what I would like- (rather than what has to be done, or what the people around me would like) is a feat for me.

Now, to actually admit it.

I would love to help people organize and purge. Actually, I would love to get paid money to organize/purge. (like my job, or a business) Seriously. I have no idea what or how I would do it, but if we're talking dreams, here's mine. Silly you think? Maybe for you. But not for me.

Well, last night I got a brief moment to awaken in my dream. Sort of. I didn't get paid, with money, but I did benefit, and I felt good after it was over. I was asked by my neighbour for a little help in her kitchen, and 5 hours later, we had 3 contractor garbage bags and 3 large boxes full of "stuff". By the time we were through, we had 3 empty cupboards. Oops. A little too much purging? She was scared to ask me. No, embarrassed to ask. But her husband made her, and she's so happy now. I had a great time, AND I got some loot!!!
I was paid with 9 beautiful glasses (bottom right). A wonderful "thankyou" as I previously had only 4!

And with this gorgeous bowl.
I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. (*gasp* and she's keeping it???) But I LOVE it, and will put it to good use.


(and if I don' may very well find it at Value Village next week)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Note to self:

When taking a shower, remove purse, or baby, from bed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

One of my favourite blogs.

I don't spend as much time as I would like on this blogging. Partly because my computer is very slow. Partly because I don't allot myself enough time to browse. Oh, I could. Maybe get up earlier. Stay up later. (is that possible?) Spend less time doing "stuff"--you all know what I mean.
But, I don't.

When I DO take some time, I ALWAYS go here.

Recently she made some of these:

You know, those little buttons for the sidebar..(I'm sorry I don't know the lingo)...Cute eh??
I suggest you go and get one for your blog. And while you're there, read a bit. She (Sara) is truly inspiring. You won't be sorry!!!