Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's not news that I love to organize. Nor that I love to purge. It has a bit to do with the control freak/perfectionist that lives somewhere deep inside me, that I haven't quite tamed. I like straight lines, uniform, sameness. I don't mind this gene. I quite like it actually. If I can keep it under-wraps and not let it take over my whole being and control ME. (which, I might add, is a daily decision). The only "problem" with my love-of-everything-in-its-place is that I lose out on my creativity, my sense of colour, of uniqueness. Slowly, I am trying to merge them both together.

Dreaming isn't easy for a control freak. Or at least for THIS control freak. There are to many things to do now, too much to see and take care of now, too much to understand, organize, discard, make perfect, NOW. There is no time to look to the future, no time to sit and ponder the what-may-be's nor the I-sure-would-likes.
I have no idea what my future holds (which is scary to a someone "like me") and thinking about it seems futile if it can't be altered, cleaned, dusted, and neatly wrapped in a big box with a cute pink bow and some shiny wrap. But, as I learn and grow, I am aware that it has to be done, and it's actually a good thing!--dreaming that is! So the fact that I have put a few moments into my dreams and my future -what I would like- (rather than what has to be done, or what the people around me would like) is a feat for me.

Now, to actually admit it.

I would love to help people organize and purge. Actually, I would love to get paid money to organize/purge. (like my job, or a business) Seriously. I have no idea what or how I would do it, but if we're talking dreams, here's mine. Silly you think? Maybe for you. But not for me.

Well, last night I got a brief moment to awaken in my dream. Sort of. I didn't get paid, with money, but I did benefit, and I felt good after it was over. I was asked by my neighbour for a little help in her kitchen, and 5 hours later, we had 3 contractor garbage bags and 3 large boxes full of "stuff". By the time we were through, we had 3 empty cupboards. Oops. A little too much purging? She was scared to ask me. No, embarrassed to ask. But her husband made her, and she's so happy now. I had a great time, AND I got some loot!!!
I was paid with 9 beautiful glasses (bottom right). A wonderful "thankyou" as I previously had only 4!

And with this gorgeous bowl.
I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. (*gasp* and she's keeping it???) But I LOVE it, and will put it to good use.


(and if I don' may very well find it at Value Village next week)


Jen said...

I think this is a terrific dream Amy and why not make a living at something you love to do? I bet your neighbor is thrilled to have such a big job over with too.

I think my problem is that I am a "nostalgic perfectionist"...I, like you, want everything in order, organized, neat, tidy, labels, a place for everything and everything in it's place...but I also have a memory attached to everything and HATE getting rid of stuff. Since my house and my perfectionism can only hold so many memories attached to items...I am learning that getting rid of the item does not mean I am losing the memory...that I can purge, keep the memories, get rid of the clutter and feel so much more at peace, because my world is more organized.

By the way, I so got the "loving straight lines" thing. I walked into a drug store once and all the magazines were lined up perfectly with equal almost measured spaces between them....this wave of "all is well" washed over me. I am serious!
It was than that I knew I had issues!

Shari said...

So what would you call your business?
I think it's a great idea. You and Nicole are both excellent in this area.

Dreaming is a great thing. My problem is I often have to leave the house to do it - as if I'm home I get distracted by all the stuff that needs to get done!

Holly said...

That bowl is beautiful! I would put anything and everything in about some fresh fruit?

Amy, I think that is a fantastic dream and one that could definitely come true! You are an awesome organizer and purger and have lots to teach (people like me)! :)


Maureen said...

Go for it it Girl!
Your dream can become reality.
There are so many people out there who need to be organized. I am one of them.
2 weeks ago I actually purged a whole garbage bag of cosmetics but not until I tried every lipstick on the back of my hand to make sure.Funny thing they were all basically the same shade with the exception of lightness.I am down to app 6 lipsticks now as apposed to (she says with a lovely hue of redness in her face) 40

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful dream, and although you sometimes wonder about how much you love to "purge" and organize. It is probably one of your strengths.
The more you function in your strengths and pursue a career in it, or dedicate more time to utilizing your strengths, the happier you will be.
I'll send you some more info about this to your email address.
You go girl. This dream is placed there by God, because this is how He has wired you to shine the brightest! No more apologies, only celebrating how He has wired you.
I challenge you to put an ad in the paper and see what happens.
Many people need help from someone like you, who not only will help them organize, but will encourage, understand and help them get to some of the roots as to why they hoard stuff.
Go girl!