Sunday, February 8, 2009

Better late than never..

I've been told the "story" a few times. I don't remember all of the details, but I can piece together some of the facts, and the rest, well, those are just what I've taken away for my own personal memories.

Doctors once told my mom she was unable to have children. Actually, they told my parents that. I'm not sure if it was directed towards my mom, or my dad, but now, after having my own "experience", I'm certain it was my mom. I'll have to ask. Either way, after 5 years of trying, and professional advice, they had to seriously consider their options-even if my mother felt she was going to carry a child.

Late September 1972, my mother was sent to the hospital. She had been on a ridiculous, all-celery diet (don't ask!) which must have made her delusional, or, in the least, a bit light-headed, because she fell asleep under a sunlamp (now known as tanning beds). She suffered serious degree burns.

While at the hospital, she was informed that she was pregnant.


And the baby was to be born early March.


I'm sure my mother was bewildered. {Was this possible? But they had said..oh I always knew...but we've been trying for so long...I wondered why I was gaining weight and only eating, this can't be right..but..oh my..could it be?...our very are you serious????....}
A mere FOUR (and a bit) months later (FEBRUARY 7th, 1973.)

Jason John Beaumont entered this world.
It has never been the same since.

Happy Birthday (albeit a day late) big brother. I love you much.


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Jason!
Marky Mark has nothin on you.

Rhonda said...

Hmmmm. So, maybe we can blame the celery..... :)

Gotta love Jason!!! He is such a great guy.

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Jason... WE LOVE YOU!!

Does Jason have a fear of celery or other veggies?

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Jason...celery diet eh? What was she thinking?

Vicki said...

Oh ... have you seen the other pic of Jason on his actual birthday this year? It's been uploaded to FB ...

Gotta love JBeau!!

Tammy said...

happy belated birthday Jason!!!! Hope it was a good one!!!!!