Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures of my week away...

My brother and niece with my 3 kiddies.
At the airport.
Our home away from home.
The kids at the pirate ship.
Aliah LOVING the slide.
Hannah went pairasailing
Can you tell she LOVED it??
She wasn't too sure about the monkey though!!
Isaiah thought he was a blast!
The reasons I get up in the morning!
My sister-in-law (Brandy) and I...beach babes!!!
Hunting iguanas

Is it a wonder why I love my bro??
My pops.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The second week of January has arrived.
I'm certain that my head may spin off this week.
Possibly. (or..maybe not?)
I'm making myself dizzy with the run around. I'm sure you all know the drill? School, work, activities, church, bills, cleaning, laundry, homework, groceries, etcc........
Since Mike and I work totally opposite shifts (in order to not have daycare) we sacrifice alot of our time. Our time together, and the time for each of us to be alone. I'm not complaining--it's a choice we've made for now. (albeit a difficult one.)
I've worked 24 hours this weekend, and have 16 more to go (Monday & Tuesday). On Wednesday I'm going to see Tammy for some nail care as well as getting my hair cut while Mike takes Hannah skating with the school. Then Mike goes to work for two shifts, the kids will have school, we have cell, band practice, skating lessons, Aliah has a doctors appointment, those dang papers, and I have a list a mile long.

But once that list is crossed off. And Mike is done work. And the appointments and practices are over. (atleast for this week).

We will STOP. And RELAX. And enjoy TIME. To do NOTHING.