Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer is here!!

And it's been HOT!!

But we're not complaining!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let your hair down...!

For those of you who know me IRL, you know that I 'prefer' shorter hair. It's not that I don't like long hair, I just don't hold it in high regard. It may have something to do with my mother. I'm not sure. Just saying. (sorry mom. HAD to put that in!!)

I have never wanted my daughters' hair to be long. (once again, personal preference). In fact, I cut both girls short until they start to ask for longer hair. Then I abide, as long as there is no hair in the eyes. ( oh no! I AM my mother.) I also encourage selecting whatever 'style' of hair is wanted. -which often results in one braid, and one pigtail. Or something of the sort.

My friend Karen, whose 4yr old daughter has GORGEOUS LONG hair!!, had a 'situation'. Kira decided to shorn some locks. Albeit disheartening for Karen (who, I think, has never cut Kiras hair), I have to admit I chuckled at the 'small' (to me) amount of hair that was lost. (sorry Karen--still friends??)

She COULD have pulled a "Hannah"!!

Now THAT'S what I call a haircut!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh soo soo busy..

You seriously have no idea how busy I've been. Like really. I hardly stop to sleep. Let alone eat. I just keep going and going and going...
Absolutely NO time for play.
Can you tell??

(click to enlarge)
Our young marrieds group took a trip to Canada's Wonderland SANS children!! Other than a whole lot of motion sickness, it was a GREAT trip!!! Good times had by all--with a bit of funnel cake and cotton candy to boot!!

Top the day off with 3 cheeze spinach dip and a chicken sonoma valley salad from Kelseys.

Can you say blessings??
Woot woot!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Runny chips and cardboard popsicles.

I posted the last picture as a sort-of "Amy style joke", not really thinking anything of it.  

But you guys are cracking me up here!  

For the record, Holly & Jen got it correct.  
It was the popsicles at the top of the fridge.  
Hannah was supposed to put the 'treat for her baseball team' in the freezer.  
Fridge, Freezer. Same diff no?

If it were some sort of a contest, or guessing game.
Cathy's version of 'hamburger container' beats it all. 
 Tammy's 'I hope I'm right"  got my side in stitches. Mainly because I have a warped sense of humour, and could totally vision Tammy rubbing her hands together while saying "hee hee, I hope I'm right".  
Ahh, you have to know me to love me.  Or atleast understand my humour.

For those of you who knew my husband was gone away.  

He's back.  

Which means he gets kid duty this weekend, while I go off to work. 

Can you tell from Isaiah's nightstand?

Men.  sigh.



Because this is my blog and I can post useless posts just like this one. 

I can also post absolutely adorable photos of a 4 year old boy and his bunny.  With his brand new bunny bed, lovingly made by his 'owner'.


Oh yeah.

If you happen to go on an errand run, specifically to buy "treats" for the baseball team, and decide to allow your (astonishingly) wonderfully behaved children to a "treat" of their choice. (Yes! We sometimes reward good behaviour with junk food around here!)  I suggest you do not purchase these:

Unless, of course, you like eating cardboard.  

Which, if you do enjoy eating, I suggest you buy them.

Obviously someone in my home savours brown corrugation.

And liquid popsicles.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's JUNE!!!

Wow!  Was May not the busiest month of the year??  If not for you guys, it DEFINITELY is for us.  Now that June is upon us, we anticipate the return of summer, the end of school, and hot, lazy, hazy days lounging by the pool!! Can I get an AMEN???

But before all of that.  
There are a few things that need to get "done" around here.  And what a better time than when Mike is gone away??!!  

What else is there to do this week? (besides blog, read, sleep..)

Along with the floor sweeping, food making, grocery buying, homework helping, bath giving, retail working, sport driving, hair cutting, toilet scrubbing, meal planning, bill paying, appointment making, dish washing, cupboard organizing, window washing, fight managing 

There is time for:

 planter making 
( SOME of those flowers are fake from the dollarstore!!!)

 bifold track installing
(this is the old broken one)

 hole-in-wall fixing
(caused by said bifold door falling OFF the track)

(yes, that is the sanding sponge and dust still laying there!)

 MESSY garage organizing

 curtain hanging
(with a little bit of help!)


door painting
(gotta love all that help!!)

And that was all today.

Wonder what tomorrow holds??