Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh soo soo busy..

You seriously have no idea how busy I've been. Like really. I hardly stop to sleep. Let alone eat. I just keep going and going and going...
Absolutely NO time for play.
Can you tell??

(click to enlarge)
Our young marrieds group took a trip to Canada's Wonderland SANS children!! Other than a whole lot of motion sickness, it was a GREAT trip!!! Good times had by all--with a bit of funnel cake and cotton candy to boot!!

Top the day off with 3 cheeze spinach dip and a chicken sonoma valley salad from Kelseys.

Can you say blessings??
Woot woot!


Anonymous said...

I almost believed you until I enlarged the phot... silly girl.
Glad u had fun.

Megan said...

that would be a blast- such a great idea!!!


Maureen said...

Was this the ride you were telling me about?
Looks like everyone had a blast.

Shaun and Holly said...

Looks so fun!!!

Tammy said...

Ashley is the one who looks like she has motion sickness. They had a great time!!!!!!

Sarah said...

sounds like fun, you like you had fun too!! :)