Saturday, June 6, 2009

Runny chips and cardboard popsicles.

I posted the last picture as a sort-of "Amy style joke", not really thinking anything of it.  

But you guys are cracking me up here!  

For the record, Holly & Jen got it correct.  
It was the popsicles at the top of the fridge.  
Hannah was supposed to put the 'treat for her baseball team' in the freezer.  
Fridge, Freezer. Same diff no?

If it were some sort of a contest, or guessing game.
Cathy's version of 'hamburger container' beats it all. 
 Tammy's 'I hope I'm right"  got my side in stitches. Mainly because I have a warped sense of humour, and could totally vision Tammy rubbing her hands together while saying "hee hee, I hope I'm right".  
Ahh, you have to know me to love me.  Or atleast understand my humour.

For those of you who knew my husband was gone away.  

He's back.  

Which means he gets kid duty this weekend, while I go off to work. 

Can you tell from Isaiah's nightstand?

Men.  sigh.



Because this is my blog and I can post useless posts just like this one. 

I can also post absolutely adorable photos of a 4 year old boy and his bunny.  With his brand new bunny bed, lovingly made by his 'owner'.


Oh yeah.

If you happen to go on an errand run, specifically to buy "treats" for the baseball team, and decide to allow your (astonishingly) wonderfully behaved children to a "treat" of their choice. (Yes! We sometimes reward good behaviour with junk food around here!)  I suggest you do not purchase these:

Unless, of course, you like eating cardboard.  

Which, if you do enjoy eating, I suggest you buy them.

Obviously someone in my home savours brown corrugation.

And liquid popsicles.


Jen said...

Little people sleeping...isn't it just the sweetest thing ever?!!?!??!
I love his little bunny bed, I bet he will be a very loving and caring daddy one day.

Megan said...

hmmmm...the title alone was so...gross sounding.... :)


Juls said...

Heheheheee, yes, it is your blog and you can post those too cute for words photos of your wonderful gifts any time.

Tammy said...

LOL, I am laughing about popsicles, didn't even see them. Probably shouldn't admit that.