Sunday, October 26, 2008

I love my life...

**snippets of the surroundings in my everyday life**

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just another day in paradise....

Baby got caught white handed!!

And just when I thought she was finished playing.
She left for a moment, only to return.
Then, bunny got a bath...

and so did Aliah..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

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I did not fall down the stairs today while carrying the baby.  And if I did fall down the stairs, I would never have thought for a milli second of letting go of the baby so I could land gracefully. After that milli-second, I did not land on my big toe and gimp around for the remainder of the evening. (and quite possibly tomorrow as well!)  That's just too clumsy.  I'm not clumsy.  I'm intensely elegant.

I did not drive to Walmart specifically for printer ink and with a note specifying the EXACT ink I needed to purchase for my printer.  I did not go down the isle and pick out, then purchase that EXACT ink.  I did not arrive home, attempt to install the ink and find out that I had boughten the WRONG ink!!!  I wouldn't do that.  That's plain hairbrained.  I'm very observant.

I did not spend 1/2 an hour, alone/without any children, watching Do.r.a.  And if I HAD watched 20 uninterrupted minutes of that cute little explorer, I absolutely would not belt out my best rendition of 'turn the wheel Eesa'.   Nope, not me.  I don't watch t.v.  And if I did, it surely wouldn't be D.or.a!

I did not tell my son that he could not eat lunch because grandma was making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  And if I had denied all of us lunch, I would never have made a trip to the movie store to feed my craving of chips.  If I had happened to make that trip, there is no way, no how, I would have then allowed him to EAT some of those chips before Thanksgiving dinner.  That's just ridiculous.  I don 't eat chips, especially for lunch and before THANKSGIVING supper.  Nor do I let my son eat chips.  That's unhealthy.  We are very healthy.

I absolutely did not get summoned to court this week because of a parking ticket I did not get a few weeks ago.
If I had of gotten that ticket, I would never have shrugged off my husbands efforts to "have it taken care of"..that's not right. Of course I paid for the ticket.  I absolutely would never forget to pay that.  If I had forgetten to pay for the ticket, there is no way that (after the 3rd notice) they would have returned the payment stating there was NO CHEQUE ENCLOSED!!  If any of that happened I would have immediately sent another cheque, so there is no way that I would have gotten it returned AGAIN stating it wasn't enough money therefore I was to show up in court.  That may have happened to someone, but definitely not me.  That is down right irresponsible.  And I just may be the most responsible person you have ever met.  Ever.

Like mother, like daughter...

My babe got her 15month vaccinations on Wednesday, and had a 'reaction' from them.   It started out with a high fever and she was very lethargic.  Gradually moved to a rash all over her body, which is thought to be a mild reaction to the chicken pox.  It is believed that 6% of children, that get the vaccine, react this way.  It also means that she may potentially be contagious with chicken pox!!

So...her and I stayed home from church this morning.  I shipped the kids off with grandma and grandpa (as daddy is working), and her and I danced away to the Wiggles.  (she is feeling much better, but still has a rash)  

Once I put the babe for her nap, I decided to pick up, as I've been at work the last 3 days.

Here is what I found 'under' Hannah's bed:

a few bedtime mints, as well as some pumpkin seeds...hmm..

Seems as though she has her mommas blood running thick!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

He's here..

It's been a long time, but I recognized him the moment I saw him.   Actually, I knew he had arrived even before that.  I could smell him.  I could feel him.  I  knew he was close.

I was upset.  Mad almost.

I'm not sure why.  I knew he was bound to come any day now.  But I hadn't been listening, and I had no warning.

He doesn't care.  That's the way he is.  Just shows up.  No matter how I feel, or if I'm ready.

He's always been that way.  Probably always will.

Can you see him?  He's there.   Look. 

Can you see him now?  I know you can.  Do you feel the same way I do?

Oh that's right...Mr. Frost.

Big jerk.  (oh..did I write that?  Oops..sorry.)

**I am currently revamping my views on winter.  I am opting for a more positive approach to the cold, snowy season.  Bear with me as I adjust to this optimism.  Thank you.**

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Momma's gonna brag!

I have this really cute kid.  (actually I have 3 really cute kids.)  The one I want to brag about today is the one in the middle.  The only boy.  He just turned 4.  He's a gem of a kid.  Really.  I'm not just saying that.  He listens really well.  (like, when I tell him "when the shows over, turn off the t.v."  he actually turns off the t.v!!)  He's very remorseful.  You know when he's done something wrong because he'll start crying.  And he's truthful to boot--( " why are you crying?"  "because me don't want to get a 'pankin")  He's quiet at times.  He'll play by himself really well. He has more energy than I know what to do with somedays--he wakes up running.  But he goes to bed without any fuss.  He's a bit cautious, but once he's got the hang of it, he's gone like the wind. (case in point--he learned how to ride a two-wheeler when he was 3!!)

Well..he's just started skating lessons.  He has been on skates about 3 times before, (our church has social functions at the arena)  but that's all.  He has had 4 lessons, and they have decided to move him up into the next class--with the 6/7/8 year olds!!!!  He is doing so well.  And he loves it!!!  (not to mention mom is so proud of him!!  can you tell????)

I don't yet have any pics of my babe skating, so you'll have to smile at these ones.
Momma so proud!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

NOT ME! Monday

I found a greatblog with a wonderful carnival that I've decided to play along with...I love it!!  Made me laugh--and I like laughing!! 
The idea behind it, is that although most people would LOVE to have life go PERFECT at all just doesn't happen.  That sucks.  And sometimes it's hard to admit--Especially for someone (like me) who likes order, control, organization. We need to take time out to laugh at life, realize that it's not always (nor will it ever be) perfect, and things happen.
But mostly to learn and live knowing that we are NOT in control.  There is only ONE in control and if we trust Him with our lives, he will make straight the path. 

 Hope you enjoy "NOT ME! Mondays "

I did not spend an hour surfing and reading blogs today.  I did not find this great carnival, decide to join in, nor spend the REST of my day thinking of things that did not happen this week.

I did not make a separate trip to W.a.l.m.a.r.t. tonight to get  I do not like  Nor do I drink it.  Drinking it would be very unhealthy, which, ofcourse, I am not.

I did not check my facebook account while at work.  Everyone knows that you do not use your employers computer/internet for personal use.  I would never do that.  That's just wrong.

I did not char to DEATH a WHOLE can of marinara sauce.  First off, if I was cooking marinara sauce, it obviously would not be out of a can, and second, if I did burn it that would mean I would have to have been absent from the gas burner, that was on.  And I simply would not do that.  That would be dangerous.  Safety is my first name.

I so did not refrain from showering for two days because I had my hair done.  I don't  like the way she styles it, so I would never leave it for two days so that it would stay just the way she did it.  That's plain dirty.  And vain.  I'm never dirty nor vain.

I did not let my son wear his sisters pink pajamas to bed because he wanted to be a girl.  That's silly.  He's a man's man.  I did, however, teach him, at 4, how to shave and burp--him being a man and all.

I  did not walk my children to school without brushing my teeth, my hair, nor wearing a bra.  That's grosse.  And I wouldn't do that.  Never ever.

I did not let the baby lay in bed 1/2 hour after she woke so I could read a book.  Who does that? Not me.  That's just lazy.  I am never lazy.

 I did not work an 11hr shift, then take the kids to 1 1/2 glorious hours of gymnastics, getting home at 8:30pm, putting 4 extremely happy children to bed early by 9:00pm.  I did not want to watch my favourite show, that did not start at 9:00, nor did I want to eat supper.  I did not want to hang my husband for not leaving piles of dirty clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, nor mail/school work on the counter.  I did not throw those things ALL into a hamper.  Nor did I humph and frumph around the house angry.  And, when my husband arrived home and slouched in front of the t.v.  (which I was obviously watching because I was not picking up from the day!)  I absolutely DID NOT throw a chocolate bar at him when he spilled the that I wasn't drinking and looked at me to clean it up.  I would  never throw something. Especially at my husband.  And if I was to throw something, it wouldn't be a chocolate bar. Because I don't eat chocolate and I would never eat it for super at 10:oo at night!  As for the drinking of cok.e?  Come on!  Never.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally...a day off!

Whew!  I made it through this week.  Barely.  I was waiting in great anticipation for today to come.  Not only to have a day  off, but because it was a Saturday off (!), a long weekend off(!!), AND, the first of 5 days off(!!!) (**sniff, sniff* if only Mike didn't have to work *sniff*)

I enjoyed each minute of today to the fullest.  Almost.  It was an uneventful, slow,relaxing, WONDERFUL day!

For the little birds who couldn't "believe" I had an overflowing basket of laundry. (which is obsolete now!)  This is what I did today.  

 preface:  We purchased our home new 2 years ago, with an unfinished basement.  It is a work in progress. (as we take the summers off).  The last two rooms that need to be completed are a) the office  b) the bathroom.  We are hoping to have at least one room completed this winter. 

 So.... here is the "outside" of the office...  not so bad.. if the doors are shut.
Here is my computer/desk area.  Our plans are to eventually, once the room is complete, purchase a furniture set in dark cherry that has drawers and files, as well as a wall unit.  But that's a long ways for now, this is it!!
AND THIS is what the "closet" has become since I've been back to work!  *GASP* *AHEM* (okay girls, I can hear you all now!)  
This is really the only storage space we have in our  home.  Other than the closets, there is no space allotted to all those "things" we gather. (Old tax returns, pictures, kids drawings, Mike's music equipment, seasonal get my drift?)  And our "plan" is to have it accessible enough to wheel the treadmill in there when we aren't using it.  (*cough* *grunt* ooookaaay!)
Well, the babe and I worked on it for a few hours this afternoon, while the other two were outside playing with friends.  This is what we came up with:

Pretty nice eh? 
 And the treadmill fits!!   
**This my 4 year old tells me is another way to say "oh yeah!"**

So go ahead, feel free to take back all those snide remarks you coughed out earlier in the post. We won't even mention them.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love my life...

even if it is a bit hectic.  And I say a "bit". 

Let me tell you about last week.

We had a family reunion on the weekend, which the kids and I attended (overnight).  Mike was working.  I was sick.  Mike left early Monday a.m. for work.  He arrived home Wednesday evening a few minutes before midnight.  During his time "away" the kids and I managed to deal with school, skating, gymnastics, papers, etc. I was still sick.
 On Mike's drive home, late Wednesday evening, he was told he was to report to work Thursday 9:00 a.m. (which was supposed to be his day off--meaning the day I worked).  By the time he got home, his shift start time changed to 7:00 a.m. (which sent us SCRAMBLING because that meant we BOTH had to start work at 7, and with no regular babysitter, we were stuck! --THANKS LOREEN!!!)  
Did I mention yet I was sick?
5:30 am Thursday morning we awoke to a pleasant call informing Mike he was to be at work then.  (at which point I think I threw a pillow and told him how much I hated his job.  Which I don't, but at that moment, I did! ) Mike did make it home that night-sick. (now that makes 2 of us!)
Friday I worked till 8, rushed home so Mike could go to hockey.
Saturday I worked till 6, babysat a friends kid as a favour.
Sunday I worked till 5, picked Hannah up from birthday party, and began a wonderful week with a neighbours 6 yr. old boy. (who is staying with us while his parents are away).

So...just like you...I was looking SO SO SO forward to my day off.   

We have had a wonderful day.  I got all the kids up, dressed, fed and ready for school.  Baby and I played before her morning nap, at which time I started this eve's supper (and  began preparing for the rest of the week)and looked after 

(I still have 2 more loads to finish)

And...   FYI

when the one year old is awake, don't kid yourself into just "running downstairs to get some laundry"...because when you come back up, you may find this!

**notice the carpet behind her, I didn't get great pics of how messy it really was!***
(doesn't she look really pleased with herself??)

So, in a really big nutshell, that's what we've been up to.. 
Gotta run, time to get some kids from school!

What have YOU been up to??