Monday, October 6, 2008

I love my life...

even if it is a bit hectic.  And I say a "bit". 

Let me tell you about last week.

We had a family reunion on the weekend, which the kids and I attended (overnight).  Mike was working.  I was sick.  Mike left early Monday a.m. for work.  He arrived home Wednesday evening a few minutes before midnight.  During his time "away" the kids and I managed to deal with school, skating, gymnastics, papers, etc. I was still sick.
 On Mike's drive home, late Wednesday evening, he was told he was to report to work Thursday 9:00 a.m. (which was supposed to be his day off--meaning the day I worked).  By the time he got home, his shift start time changed to 7:00 a.m. (which sent us SCRAMBLING because that meant we BOTH had to start work at 7, and with no regular babysitter, we were stuck! --THANKS LOREEN!!!)  
Did I mention yet I was sick?
5:30 am Thursday morning we awoke to a pleasant call informing Mike he was to be at work then.  (at which point I think I threw a pillow and told him how much I hated his job.  Which I don't, but at that moment, I did! ) Mike did make it home that night-sick. (now that makes 2 of us!)
Friday I worked till 8, rushed home so Mike could go to hockey.
Saturday I worked till 6, babysat a friends kid as a favour.
Sunday I worked till 5, picked Hannah up from birthday party, and began a wonderful week with a neighbours 6 yr. old boy. (who is staying with us while his parents are away).

So...just like you...I was looking SO SO SO forward to my day off.   

We have had a wonderful day.  I got all the kids up, dressed, fed and ready for school.  Baby and I played before her morning nap, at which time I started this eve's supper (and  began preparing for the rest of the week)and looked after 

(I still have 2 more loads to finish)

And...   FYI

when the one year old is awake, don't kid yourself into just "running downstairs to get some laundry"...because when you come back up, you may find this!

**notice the carpet behind her, I didn't get great pics of how messy it really was!***
(doesn't she look really pleased with herself??)

So, in a really big nutshell, that's what we've been up to.. 
Gotta run, time to get some kids from school!

What have YOU been up to??


~Amanda~ said...

Oh yes kids will be kids!

Megan said...

oh, goodness. 1. i have been sick for a whole week! i'm so sick of being sick! and 2. i did laundry all day too...i hate laundry!


Rhonda said...

Oh my Amy! You are right 'in the midst of it', aren't you. Such a crazy busy time of life.

Your baby does look absolutely adorable in that picture. Why wouldn't she be proud? :)

I was ready to bring her home with me yesterday from church - maybe good thing I didn't.

Sara said...

Wow... compared to that I've been doing NOTHING.

Hope you and the hubby are both feeling better :)

Shaun and Holly said...

Hmmm....I am not envious of that week you just had!!!

What an adorable pic of your baby!!!


redeemed diva said...

I loved this story! Great job! And even in the midst of it you had time to take pictures--wherre's your cape, girl. You are SUPER WOMAN!

Ris said...

LOL She DOES look so proud of herself! That is hilarious! Maybe not for Mama, but cute.

We've not been up to much. Hubby traveling, boo, so Dax is being quite the stinker. (He's always grumpy when he misses his dad) I too have been battling a huge pile of laundry. Sorry you guys have been sick! Hope you start feeling better soon!

Sara said...

I think that little face would get away with just about anything if I was in charge...

Cathy said...

Amy...!!! I can't believe you have a pile of laundry and dirt on your floor...not after all the nice, neat pictures you have shown us all. NO WAY!!! That can't be your house! LOL
Just kidding...anyhow, you'll make it through. I think you're doing an amazing job accomplishing everything you do.

Joy said...

I think what I love most (more than the delightful look on your beautiful child's face!) is that you... YOU, my beautiful, organized friend, FINALLY have a laundry basket that's full to overflowing!!! :) I love you... if I lived in Belleville, I would have come over, insisted you sleep, while I did your laundry, cared for the babes and made dinner... :)

Tamatha said...

not as much as you!