Friday, September 26, 2008

Time for a post it seems...

September is here!!!  (and almost over!)  This I know, because of how BUSY life gets.  I know you all know exactly what I am talking about!!  We have had lots of fun stuff going on this month, and I will hopefully get to telling everyone in the next few posts..

Hannah has started grade one.  She has also begun gymnastics. (which she loves not only because it's fun but also because she gets to stay up past her bedtime!  it ends @ 8:00)
She has also altered her appearance a few different is way #1 and #2

Tooth #1

Tooth #2

And the letter she asked me to write last evening when she was in bed.  "PLEASE mama, just let her know she can have the money, ok?"


Shaun and Holly said...

Oh my, how sweet she is!!!
Did the tooth fairy return the teeth?


Ris said...

LOL haha The note is great!

Jen said...

So, Is Hannah just wanting to keep the baby tooth, or speed up getting the new one?
You could have a BIG problem if it is the latter!!
How is she liking full time school?
How has Isaiah adjusted?

Sara said...

Oh no! Did you still have the tooth to return it to her or had you thrown it away???

Mona said...

She looks so cute!
Well Amy does the tooth fairy still have her teeth or was that a final sale?

Megan said...

ha! and i love that freckled nose!


Juls said...

Mona asks a good question...Ave's swallowed her first tooth...but she got the hang of it the second time around.
Hanna is so sweet, and you're right September has been crazy.

Cheryl said...

How sweet!!

Tammy said...

Very cute!!!!! So did she get the teeth back? LOL

Anita J. said...

What a cutie! I really like the tooth fair buyback offer.