Thursday, September 4, 2008

A new season....

I'm a bit of a poor sport.  This is not news to me.  Maybe it is because I'm so stubborn.  Possibly has something to do with the control issues I have.  Could be the small amount of "drama" in my life.. (which really isn't much) Whatever the case, if it doesn't go my way, or the way I expected,  I'm a BIT of a baby.  


Kind of like now.

First day of school 2008

OH, I KNOW... there are other choices I could have made.  Like homeschooling, or not working. We do have our reasons.  And this is right for us.  
BUT that doesn't mean it's not difficult.
Atleast for me it is. 

(Hannah begins her first year of full day AND every day.  This is brand new to her.  Isaiah starts half days every day.  This is new for him.  Having only one child in the house for 3 hours every day is new to me.)

Enough already mom.  How many pics do you need to take anyways??

It doesn't seem so difficult for baby #1 and #2...  off like a looking back. 

I knew it was coming.  I expected it too.  I was fully aware.
That doesn't make it any easier.

This is definitely a new season.  In many ways. (more on that to follow).  
For now, I'm going to wallow a bit more in selfpity and tears.  Tell myself I'll be okay.  That it is ALL good.
And next week I will rejoice in the new found freedom of having time to myself. (when did having one child become freedom and time to oneself??)
Soon, very soon, I will embrace this new season for what it is.  And what God plans on doing in all of us.  Starting with me.


Joy said...

OH, my beautiful friend. They grow up... it's never easy on us mama's. We do what we can, don't we? I love you... you're a wonderful mama... and next week when you're looking at the wall, waiting for the morning to pass, call me... before you find something else to do! :)

Shaun and Holly said...

Seasons have to end before new ones start.

Some endings AND some beginnings are very difficult!!!!! Hang in there. Praying that all your transitions go well....

Love you Amy...just the way you are!

Jen said...

It's all so bitter sweet isn't it Amy?
You are right, it doesn't matter what choice is best for our family, there are times that the best scenario is just plain difficult....thankfully, that is usually for short stints and we do adjust and grow with our growing independent kids.
I always remind myself, when it seems that my kids are growing up too fast, that if they were NOT growing up, it would mean that there was something very wrong, and that would be harder to handle than the constant dull ache of feeling them slip through my grasp as I try desperately to hold on to them.

Hope this helps, and hey! wasn't last year's first day of school a little too eventful?

Rhonda said...

I always needed a big box of kleenex whenever my children reached another milestone. I never liked the first day of school - I loved having them home with me.

I remember crying when Jonathan and all his buddies 'graduated' from Junior High to Youth.

Enjoy making memories with your children. The tears just mean that you are a really great mom and that you love deeply.

Vicki said...

Change is good ... that's what everyone keeps says, but I'm with you ... it's painful, isn't it?

Megan said...

oh, every season is good and sentimental isn't it?


Roxanne said...

The photos are great. My kids get irritated when they see "Mom getting out her camera again..". The time goes so quickly. I now have two in high school and my youngest is in grade six!
You will have opportunity to enjoy some one on one time with you youngest child. And you will be sure to be entertained by stories of what happened at school.

Tammy said...

I for one love the pictures. Your kids are adorable. And if you ever get lonely, you and I can just have a love-fest on facebook!!!! :)
I remember those days like they were yesterday. First day of school is almost like when your kid gets married. It's all new for them and for us as well. Jen, it's so true if there weren't changes or growth in their lives we would be concerned that something is wrong.
Blessings my friend. Just find some comfort Amy, that we have felt the same and been there too.

Shari said...

With Ryan I simply refused to send him full time to JK. The school and I had a meeting where the understanding was we would send him 2 or 3 mornings a week only. I simply wasn't ready - so this was how we had the best of both worlds.

I've always said it took the first two weeks of summer to d-program my kids... from all the influences they had at school. Honestly after 2 weeks at home they would have a different attitude.

Oh course keep in mind that my motto was "Attitude adjustments start at the Bottom and work their way up"!! Get it?