Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's JUNE!!!

Wow!  Was May not the busiest month of the year??  If not for you guys, it DEFINITELY is for us.  Now that June is upon us, we anticipate the return of summer, the end of school, and hot, lazy, hazy days lounging by the pool!! Can I get an AMEN???

But before all of that.  
There are a few things that need to get "done" around here.  And what a better time than when Mike is gone away??!!  

What else is there to do this week? (besides blog, read, sleep..)

Along with the floor sweeping, food making, grocery buying, homework helping, bath giving, retail working, sport driving, hair cutting, toilet scrubbing, meal planning, bill paying, appointment making, dish washing, cupboard organizing, window washing, fight managing 

There is time for:

 planter making 
( SOME of those flowers are fake from the dollarstore!!!)

 bifold track installing
(this is the old broken one)

 hole-in-wall fixing
(caused by said bifold door falling OFF the track)

(yes, that is the sanding sponge and dust still laying there!)

 MESSY garage organizing

 curtain hanging
(with a little bit of help!)


door painting
(gotta love all that help!!)

And that was all today.

Wonder what tomorrow holds??


Jen said...

I am so with you on the May thing Amy...it has to be the busiest month!
Most of our activities are winding down and at my school, the trips are officially over with today....OH Yeah! I am running around doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!"
The more fun the kids have, the longer my days get.

I can't wait for Summer, and lazing by pools, on beaches...really anywhere is fine with me!

You really accomplished a lot today...you rock!

gitz said...

You did all of that TODAY?!?! Good God, woman, I'm lucky if I shower!!! ;)

Shaun and Holly said...

Ok, I need a nap just hearing/seeing all the things you got done today!!!!!



Maureen said...

One day Really!
No I mean seriously Really!
I wish I had your energy.
Oh by the way the feet were mine.
After reading your post I figured you wanted to know cause they needed a new paint job.
One last thing.
AMEN Sister! summer is on it's way.

Anonymous said...

you are a wonder woman... crazy wonder woman

Cyndi said...

High Five to another "multi-tasking monster"