Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another...seriously people!

I'll be entering into my 7th year of being a mom soon. (May)  Somedays it feels like it started 'just yesterday', other days it feels like an eternity.  
I consider myself to be a pretty decent mom.  Sure, I have my bad days, bad habits, 'demon faces'(come on you know the face I'm talking about!).  But I have good days too.  And I try really hard.  Most times.  There are things that (I think) I am really good at.  Other things, well, I stink at.  But it's a work in progress right?  It IS the hardest job I've ever had--or ever will have!

Case in point:

98% of the time we have cereal for breakfast.  It's quick, easy, and my kids like it.  We have a variety like cheerios, special K, corn flakes, raisin bran. ( For a special treat (like never) I will buy fruitloops, or lucky charms.) I am introducing oatmeal in the very near future.  So, fairly healthy on the scale, but not the healthiest. I am VERY aware of our health and food consumption, yet I also need to be wary of our time and money.  Cereal seems to be it, for us, right now. 

One of the "good" things I do, is put a special 'treat' into their cereal every day::

And they LOVE me for it.  Actually, they don't even know it's in there anymore.  And some days, Hannah asks for just a bowl of AllBran by itself.  

I've covered dairy and fibre in the a.m. 


Soon, when I introduce the oatmeal, I plan on incorporating this into it.  I use it in pretty much everything I cook.  Throw in a tablespoon or two.  Just another one of the "good" mothering skills I have.

Obviously, with all my health concerns taking up space in my brain, I have forgotten some very important child-rearing lessons.  

Like manners.  

Seriously people, PLEASE tell me how my child of 18months learned this???!!

My husband insists this is necessary to get all the milk and fibre from the bottom of the bowl.  



Shaun and Holly said...

Seems like she just wants to get the last drop of all that good stuff?!! :)

Shari said...

Too Cute!!

I won't even tell you what my husband doesn't with that trace of milk left in the bottom of his bowl. You may not want to leave your kids overnight here and have them influenced by their pastor.

Rhonda said...

Before I read the last line I was going to suggest that perhaps she'd been eating too many breakfasts with Daddy. :)

Vicki said...

I liked grating veggies into the spaghetti sauce ... kids never knew the difference! Now my kids often make better choices than I do!

Vanessa said...

That's too cute!!

Megan said...

1. i love your drapes.

2. our kids LOVE healthy cereal! i'm ok with that! :) (we never get the unhealthy kind anyway, but, i'm sure they'd love that too:) )

3. my oldest was born in may of 2003, so i'm catching up to you in the "mom experience" department! :) if you have any wise advice, go ahead and share! :)