Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!

I'm a bit late.
His birthday was Thursday. The 7th.

Jason turned 35!!

I have been blessed with the best big brother!! Lately, he has been spending every spare time possible finishing our "rec-room". I know he is pretty much sick of the whole process (who isn't!!!), but when he is here, he doesn't complain or grumble (like I do!!). He is so handy with building and tools. He comes by it so naturally. He is always willing to jump in and help out. He is such a great servant. And he never likes to quit...he stays until the job is finished. He is very gentle. He has a rare sense of looking at some things in a very different light. He is the best "tryer-outer". He always eats what I cook--all my concoctions--and pretends to like it!!! (unlike my husband who is SO SO picky)) Jason has the most infectious laugh. I remember when we were kids, laying in bed, LATE at night, and he would be LAUGHING SO HARD at some TV show. I would start laughing...really TOO funny! He would protect a loved one until the end. He really is a great guy..and an even greater big brother.
Love you big guy.
Happy 35th!! Old geaser! (okay girls..I know it's not old, but I HAVE to bug him since he IS OLDER than me!!)


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Tammy said...

Yes, Happy birthday Old-man......I have two older brothers, they are fun to have around.

Tamatha said...

lol.....I shall have to order a bagel in the drive thru in honor of him!lol

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to Jason!

Shari said...

Well, I can say first hand this post on Jason rings true.

Jason helped Kevin jack hammer our basement floor in Chatterton Valley. It was too funny though when Rae R came along and showed Kevin and Jason the easier way to do it - by using the right part/pick!! They had been working 5 times harder before Rae came along. Jason was the first one there to help and the last one to leave.

He's a great guy to have around when you need to "clean out the fridge". LOL
Happy Birthday Jason.

Cheryl said...

Awh how sweet.. Jason is quite a guy! He's helped alot of people build basements and fix things...he is a blessing to many!

Vicki said...

It's been a joy for Andrew and I to get to know Jason. He really is a terrific friend. And ... he's a hero to our kids!