Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Be careful little mouth what you say.....

I faintly remember singing a song in Sunday school...Be careful little ears what you hear... Anyone recall?
I sang it to myself today. Well, revised a bit.
I was recalling a recent visit from a "friend".
The doorbell rang, and, as usual, the kids ran to get it. I sauntered down with baby in hand.
The first thing my visitor said to us was...
"You STILL in your pajamas?"
I wasn't sure who they were talking or the kids. I quipped in "Yeppers, we are."
***Be careful little mouth what you say....***

The problem's not the mouth that I have to be careful with.
The song lyrics should read...

***Be careful little mind what you think....***

You see. As soon as my "friend" "greeted" us, I immediately reeled into these thoughts of what I wanted to say....

"YES! I am STILL in my pajamas. I am aware of this. YES! My children are STILL in their pajamas. I am aware of that also.
What YOU are not aware of is THIS....
I slept in until 7:10 this morning. I was greeted lovingly by hungry children. I prepared them breakfast immediately after our ritualistic "morning cuddles". Spoke with God. I was then summoned by a screaming baby. I nursed her, and changed her diaper. I threw a load of colours in the wash. Played 3 games with my children--one being the wizard of oz where I was the WIZARD!-not the witch!. I fed the baby her breakfast. Cleaned the breakfast dishes, as well as the dirty dishes left over from their father the previous evening. Checked my email-had some email correspondence with my mother. I put the colours in the dryer, threw a load of whites in the washer. Made the beds. Practiced cue card sight words with my oldest. Spoke to a good friend on the phone for 10 minutes. Put the whites in the dryer. Folded the colours. Sat on the floor with baby for 15 minutes helping her master the "sit". Made a list of ingredients I would need for my future baking needs. Shortly after that, all 4 of us started the process (if you've ever cooked with kids you know its a PROCESS!) of making cupcakes. It is now 10:00 and I was heading to the shower...AFTER I put the baby to bed...But YOU rang the doorbell.

And, as I was recalling this incident, I suddenly am aware of one thing. Again. It can take one person, one word, one small sentence, to be robbed of all that God has been speaking to us....I awoke with a great sense of who I was. The woman God made me to be. Yet, was deceitfully tricked by a simple phrase--of my "friend" and a foolish judgement.--on my part.
We all judge ourselves in some way. I was judging myself on what I had accomplished that day, and why exactly I was still in p.j's.

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!
God loves me for who I AM...not what I do!

I'm thinking tomorrow I JUST may spend the day in my pajamas. Watching TV or reading a book. Eating bon-bons. Anyone want to join me??


~Amanda~ said...

Amy you are too cute! I really respect how honest you are and through that God is glorified. Your blogs make me smile and give much encouragement (especially when they are ones on your adorable little God fearing children). Praying God's richest richest blessing on you and your family!


Tammy said...

YOur blog is a little bit like the one I wrote this morning. We must be on the same wave lenght. Take a look at it.
Love ya lots and I was in my pjs until 11am and I don't have any little kids I am with you on staying in them all day, especially when it's snowing outside....

Jen said...


I don't know how many times I have scurried for my bedroom ....and CLOTHES, while I sent a kid to answer the door....and it might be 10:30 or 11:00.

I HAVE to have my morning tea while I am in my PJ's....just tastes better that way (smile).
If I have any major cleaning to do, I have to do it while still in PJ's....then I can shower in my clean bathroom.
Don't apologize, (even to yourself).
You are doing what is working for you and your family....the rest of us and our opinions don't matter after that.

Remember, when you are stressed....20 years from now, what will your kids remember...the PJ's? Maybe with a smile....the clean house? Only if it came before them...they will remember the time you spent with them. Enjoy them.

Holly said...

I loved Jen's comment to you! She is speaking the truth!!! You are a great mom and have your priorities lined up just right. I also love to have coffee in my pj's. It's always best to clean the bathrooms wearing my pjs too...since I always seem to get cleanser on me (why ruin more clothes)!

Magda said...

12:04pm Saturday. In my PJs. Plan to be so 'til about 3pm. Will change just b/c they'd probably deny me entrance at the restaurant tonight.

I'm with you sister.

Williams Family Blog said...

Thanks Amy, that was really know what my perfect day off would be? A day, by the fire, in my PJ's, reading a good book. A 500 page novel that I could read all at once without any distractions..

Williams Family Blog said...

Thanks Amy, that was really know what my perfect day off would be? A day, by the fire, in my PJ's, reading a good book. A 500 page novel that I could read all at once without any distractions..

Tamatha said...

lol.....I don't even have kids and I stay in my PJ's quite often. :o) (I do have a dog and a cat...but they don't scream at me) Well...sometimes the cat sounds funny...and the dog stares at me...but that is about it. lol

Ris said...

We hang out in our pajamas all day quite often. If we aren't going anywhere...why not? :-) Esp in the much more warm and cozy than day clothes! No need to feel bad about that! God surely couldn't care less what we are wearing as long as we are praising Him in everything that we do.

I hope that I can get into a routine like yours soon. Just had a baby 3 weeks ago, so haven't figured out how to work in housework during the day yet. That will come, I hope!