Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If I'm being totally honest.....

I do worry at times.
I try not too. -- Not only because I have three children who depend on my backbone, and can practically read me like a book, but also because it's a waste of time.
We really can't be certain of exactly what God has planned for us...and we have no right to be concerned about it.
So I think.
But, as the saying goes, "it's easier said then done".

The phone rang around noon.
A "call out".
Which means "I can't tell you any information. I can't tell you where I'm going, how long I will be, or what I will be doing" "I'll call you when I'm out of danger". (People think there is little danger in this city, but they have no idea. There are criminals carrying knives, drugs, guns in EVERY city)

That's it.
A kiss and a hug.
And a goodbye.
It's now 9:00 p.m.
Nine hours.
Yep. Sometimes it gets to me.
Not often.
But sometimes.

The really good part of it all is:
you seldom take for granted those that you love.
And you always remind yourself that God has plans for you.
He knows ALL.
And I trust HIM.


Holly said...

Oh Amy!! I have felt worry and I have felt fear. But, I have NEVER been through what you go through each time your husband gets called to work in dangerous situations. It really is scary!!
I am so glad that you know God and can run to him for peace that you need. I think that you do awesome and I pray that God continue to give you the comfort that you need when things are potentially so dangerous.
Also, remember you have friends that love you that you can call and we will listen, love on ya, and pray for you!

Holly said...

I just wanted to add that we are praying for Mike too. That God would continue to have both his hand of favor on him, and hand of protection.

God bless all our police officers!

Jen said...

I don't know if i would do as well as you do in these situations Amy....BLESSSSSSS you, and MIKE. We will continue to pray wisdom and safety over Mike and all of our officers.
We don't have to know anything, but if you ever want to call and say, "we need Prayer, Mike's at work", we'll get it and pray.

I hope by now, Mike has come home and all is well.

redeemed diva said...

Good to have you back!
Wow, that was a great post. What would we do without Jesus. I know when Peter was working in the oil fields, I would just have to trust God that nobody on his crew would be slack and cause explosions or anything like that. And there were many close calls--as I'm sure you are familiar with. I really like how you ended your post. It's all about reminding ourselves of His promises and trusting Him. You are a strong woman and I admire you.
God bless you and Mike and your beautiful family.

Roxanne said...

Psalm 91 reminds me of God's promise to protect.

Tamatha said...

Wowsers...ya...I think ppl don't realize that little old Belleville can have some excitement goin on.

Patti's Passion said...

Hey Amy my regular e-mail is