Saturday, January 19, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude..

It has been WAY to long since I reflected on all things I should be grateful for...
Here is today's list...

1.. The five dollar bill I found in the back pocket of a newly washed pair of jeans..!! Hannah was able to go bowling with friends!

2. My father & brother (and Mike too!) for all of the hours and money they are putting into the finishing of our basement!!!

3. My son and his contentment to sit on the stool and watch his favourite movie--HAIRSPRAY-- as mommy cleans the kitchen and puts the laundry away!!

4. Green licorice

5. The sun shining in my kitchen door and windows!!

6. Grace givers #1, #2, and #3

7. The dollarstore for my brand new picture frames!!!

8. OOOH OOOH Rachael Ray!

9. A carpet quote for the basement that was less than we estimated!! YAY!

10. Mercy given, God patterned, air breathing, love granted, grace receiving, patience needing, character building, trust learning, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minute, second of my...LIFE!!!!


Holly said...

What does GREEN licorice taste like? What is the flavor?

Shari said...

Does the police chief know that Officer Lockwood's wife "launders money"? Can you please come do my wash... all I even find is guitar picks.

Jen said...

Hairspray EHHH?!?!?!

Your son has interesting taste Amy....did Mike introduce him to that particular movie?

Williams Family Blog said...

Yeah, I'm with Holly. What does green licorice taste like??

Vicki said...

The rule at my house is that any money I find in the laundry belongs to me. Establish that rule while your kids are young and when they are old you won't regret it!! Sounds a bit like scripture, huh?


Roxanne said...

I'm with Vicki on the laundered money rule.

Tamatha said...

What a good pic of beautiful you!:o)