Thursday, March 8, 2007


I've got a post in my head about God's promises, but I haven't made the time to sit and write it. Maybe after my ultrasound this afternoon I will... But for now I wanted to send a quick post to a good friend.

I had great pleasure to get out of the house this morning and visit with some gals. We all invaded Holly's house, 4 woman, 5 kids. It was good to be able to set aside time to get some adult talk in. (It's always about the kids anyways..but still good!!)
What really struck me today was an attitude that my friend (and I'm sure yours as well), Holly carried.
From the moment we arrived she spoke with my 2 year old, Isaiah, as if he were actually human. We all know that when you visit places with young kids, those that have older kids sometimes forget, or are glad they are out of the toddle stage, often babytalk or even ignore your kid(s). I even do that sometimes with visiting kids if I don't stop and think about it.
Holly immediately took Isaiah upstairs to find some toys, and the whole time talked to him in real conversation about Josiah's room and his toys, etc. After the other moms and kids arrived, she took time to get on the floor with Isaiah and play with him. All the while joining in conversation with us. She never once made me feel as though bringing my kid was an inconvienience, but was the opposite and made him (and I) feel especially welcome. Sometimes I turn down offers to meet with friends, b/c I always feel the kids are looked upon as a nuisance to the other parties. I figure my time will come soon enough when the kids are grown.
Today was different.
Thank you Holly for showing true love, as Jesus would.

Love, Amy


S said...

Yeah, she's a keeper!

Holly said...

Ahhhh...thanks Amy!

Rhonda said...

I remember finding it easier to keep to myself rather than try and socialize along with my young children.

It's so important to know that your children are valued as much as you are.

It's true, as your children get older you do forget what it's like to have a very little one.

Holly is a very special friend. God bless her!!

Cheryl said...

Holly you are really special!!

You always make everyone around you feel special too.