Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Be careful what you ask for!!!

So, we all know that it's true...we spend most of our day wondering if there might be SOMETHING that will happen to us that day worthy enough to blog....
Well, today is my day!!

I set out to my hair appointment a tad early this morning. It feels as though, by the time I dress myself,and both the kids, my day is almost over. Lol. I'm always running out the door....Today was going to be different. Mike was home. I had lots of time. I headed out the door, jumped into the blessing of a car we own, and get about my way. I had decided I would stop at Walmart for a few minutes to check out the bicylces. It''s hard to make anything a surprise if the kids are always with you... On my way there, I noticed that the gas guage was going squirrly..which isn't unusual for this car. Sometimes it says full when it's empty...sometimes it says empty when its full....Lol.. I realized that I would be safer if I skipped Wally world (seeing as I would probably end up late anyways if I started looking around) and headed for the gas station. Wouldn't you know that the one on the way was out of gas.... I had forgotten that we were on a semi-gas shortage. I hoped that I had lots of gas to get to Madoc. I began a nice leisurely drive to Madoc, putting in my headphones and turning on the iPod. Yes, the car has no radio either...It really has been a good car for us, just is getting old. We only usually drive it to work and back, and a few other places-like Madoc. Suddenly I felt that I was being tugged to the right shoulder...
Wow, I thought, that wind is strong.
Thinking nothing of it, I drove on. A bit more down the road I heard an awful noise...not from my iPod, something louder. I removed my earplugs and listened. THat's coming from my car, I think...Yes it is. I immediately pulled over.
Out I got. Brr...It was cold.
I walked around the car..what could it be?...Then I saw it. A flat. And a dousie. Right down to the rim.
I chuckled.
I got back in the car and put my earphones in. A bit of Chris Tomlin was all I needed....
"How can I keep from singing your praise...How can I ever say enough..how amazing is your love..How can I keep from shouting your name, I'm a child of the King and it makes my heart wanna sing..."
Okay. I took the earplugs out. Now, what was I to do?? I had never learned how to change a tire...(maybe that should be my next reformation...get mechanical!!)
I picked up my phone. I'd call Mike.
Ring, ring, ring,...eight times. Please God, let him answer..(knowing Mike he had the music on fullblast, and his electric guitar just a rockin'')
Mike..I have a flat.
Hello? Hello? click
Oh no. My cell phone was in a "valley". No connection.
I tried again.
Hello? Hello? click.
Thank goodness for call display...he called back. twice.
Ï have a flat."
"where r you"?"
Ï tried 3 times to call him and tell him. Finally the phone rang- yet again. This was it..I was gonna yell and run...I got out of the car, starting running towards Belleville...yelling:
Ï'm on my way."he says... WHEW. it worked. I looked like a knob, but IT WORKED!!
I get back to the car and jump in. By this time I had turned the car off because, well, you know..I was still concerned about that gas guage.
My wait began. I put my music back on, but wasn't really paying attention now... suddenly the diet coke I had earlier been drinking (at the beginning of my leisurely drive) decided to kick in. Uh-oh. A prego needing to go BAD... AND it was getting pretty darn cold in that car.
Then I saw it...the beautiful maroon van, that, up until this point I had despised the sight of...Did it look good!! In the car I noticed my daughter, (Mike had somehow managed to pick her up from school in the middle of the kaos..and early to boot..), my son (with no hat..but we won't mention that to MIke) and my beloved hubby. He shuttled the kids in the car, popped the trunk and started on the tire.
"Hurry up or you'll be late" he reminds me.
And so, safe in my (now) wonderful van, with a largely protruding bladder..I head out.
And..(by my clock on the van) I arrived at 11:59. 1 minute to go. (which I thankfully used in the bathroom)
After today, I don't know that I will ask God for any stories to blog.

P.S. After Mike changed the tire in the bitter cold, bought another tire, came home and changed that one-in the bitter cold, he went out again for a brief moment....AND RAN OUT OF GAS!! Now that's funny!!!


Holly said...

Oh my!!!
Pretty amazing that you were able to make it to that hair appointment on time! (Do you like your new hair cut?)

Shari said...

What a great laugh you have provided us with today!!

This blogging has proved to be quite entertaining...and to think I was expecting it all to be something "serious and deeply spiritual".

I am realizing that God is seriously interested in us developing all areas of our walk/life... including laughter. Your post has been a "good medicine"!!

Jen said...

Thank you God for husbands that can do the things we never learned....and for Cell phones....even in dead spots...but especially for a free minute to spend in the bathroom!!!!

Bless you Amy for making it through that with a sense of humor and not a breakdown!

Joy said...

Be blessed knowing you have a husband who would come to your rescue! I'd end up calling the CAA guy (with the CAA membership I DON'T have!) and having to pay for a tow and some gas and that membership isn't in the budget! I guess that's what the emergency fund is for? Thank God for Financial Peace University! And if worse comes to worst, I have a friend in a far off city who would talk to me on the phone while I was stranded! Thank God for you, friend! I wish I lived beside you. I miss you so. "in all of my prayers I think of you with joy..."

Williams Family Blog said...

What an entertaining story Amy.

Sounds like you were not that far from my house. I would have gladly let you use my bathroom :)


Anonymous said...

You are an entertaining story writer Amy...hope your hair was worth all that. :) Shelly

Cheryl said...

Mikey, Mikey, you truly are a good guy!!

I love your stories Amy!! Maybe you won't pray for them, but I will, cause they always make me smile. You definitely have a gift.

Love you loads,