Monday, March 5, 2007

Another day...

Hey girls... (and guys??) -
I've been trying to hook Mike on this reforming thing, but he ain't game... just stares at me with this wierd look and shakes his head. He's not sure about the posties either, BUT I have convinced him that it would be so much simpler for me just to write on the walls (my stickies are around my treadmill, which is in basement, which is not finished....) so I was thinking that black magic marker would be great. Stickies, whether from walmart or the dollar store, do not stick well to bare wood or drywall. This way it would be permanent, I could always see it, AND what a great thing, down the road, when another family moves then we're hoping the basement to be finished, and the kids grown a bit.... so, we'll see... either way, I hope we all can post some pictures at the end of the month of our ever growing posties...

No great stories today, nothing too interesting, except to say that I am really enjoying this blogging, and the 21 day reformation. Thanks Cheryl for including us in. And a BIG welcome to my best friend Joy who has just joined us. (check out her is to the right under JOY).

"He who began a good work in us...will carry it unto completion!!!"


Cheryl said...

Sid is looking at me a little strange too! I guess this is a girl thing.......... whatever!!

I am enjoying it to and happy to have Joy join us.

Shari said...

I'm doing the Reformation but not the stickies...I would go nuts with the clutter! I'm not a fussy housekeeper but don't like paper out (just one of my many hangups).

Kevin thinks I've "crossed over" and become one of you - now that I'm into all this blogging. He definatley cannot relate to my/our interest in blogging. That's okay cause I can't relate to "the guys" bonding over wings, pizza, pop, farting and belching while watching the hockey game. I guess it's all a matter of perspective and taste!!

Holly said...

Teeheee...Shari's comment made me laugh!!!

I am not using post it notes. Reading your blogs keeps me accountable to my "reformation challanges". Helps to add some laughter in and I have many of you to thank for that. ;o) I guess we are a funny bunch!!

Jen said...

Jonathan is sure this is a "cult", but Mark has actually taken the stance of the "hypocritical blogger"... He has updated his own blog...we've inspired him....but he also chuckled as he walked by...(BLOGGING!?!?). Little sarcasm in his voice.
Mark Mc. now jokes that he and my Mark don't need to get together for coffee anymore, they can just blog like their wives!
HEY! It's cheaper than STARBUCKS!

Williams Family Blog said...

Hi Amy,

I am doing the reformation thing too.(without the posties, although I never thought of the magic marker on walls idea.) But,every time I see the word "reformation" I can't help but think about Martin Luther....sorry, just my dutch Christian reformed upbringing.