Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"I always thank my God...

I woke up feeling blessed.
My shifts for the week keep getting altered. It's wonderful. Lol. Today I was not needed until 10:00 am. Blessing. I went to the store to get some pullups and recieved a free lipstick. Blessing. (not my colour..but..still) Picked up my kids at moms and dinner was waiting for me. Blessing. Getting an easter cream mcflurry when Mike comes home (hopefully thats soon!) Blessing. Being able to hear one of my favourite broadcasts on the radio. (it came on during my drive to work) Blessing. Having my brother come over to mud Isaiah's new room. Blessing.
The radio show that I love, and was able to hear this morning, is called Walk in the Word. He was speaking on the book Philemon. Here, Paul, a man in prison, writing a letter to a newer christian (about another new christian that was once his slave who ran away from him b/c he was an awful "master), and he starts his letter describing his thanks.
Then Dr. M states that he believes "thankfullness is a choice."
I stopped listening mind starting wandering. Was it a choice for me? hmmmm...

Some mornings you will find me laying on the bathroom floor after my morning session with big T (my toilet) weeping like a baby (because of a baby)
but most days you will find me wiping off my mouth, brushing my teeth and thanking God that I can carry children. (some woman can't)

Some nights you will find me at 1:00 am sitting bright eyed on my couch with the phone in my hand, weeping like a baby (because of a baby) wondering why Mike hasn't cleared his "situation" (from work) with me,
but most nights you can find me peacefully sleeping, or reading, or watching tele, thanking God that he takes care of my hubby when he is in dangers way.

Some mornings you may find me rushing around the house, yelling at my children to HURRY UP, weeping like a baby (because of a baby) knowing that I have to go to that dreaded work place,
but most mornings you will find me kissing sleepy heads goodbye thanking God that I have a flexible boss and co-workers who really aren't that bad.

Some nights you may find me kicking the existance out of the growing piles of dirty clothes on my basement floor, weeping like a baby (because of a baby)
but most nights you will find me smiling with thankfullness knowing I have water to wash the clothes, money to buy soap for them, and my very own lugging to a laundry mat.

And the list could go on...

So is thankfullness a choice for me?
You bet it is. Daily. Hourly. Some days every minute.
But it's a choice I'm willing to make. A choice to be thankful. Thankful for all things.
And now that my mcflurrys in my belly...
I go to bed feeling blessed.


Shari said...

What a wonderful read. I am sooooooo blessed. When thinking of all I have with family and friends I am overwhelmed with a sense of "blessing".

I will admit that sometimes I struggle knowing that I amso rich in my home life and heart aches for those who don't have all that I do. I realize that some lack because of choices but many lack because of circumstances and others choices....So I will not waste my blessings - I am very grateful to God and want to savour it all!!

A Hot tub would make me Over the top blessed - uncontainable!!! lol

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration Amy. You have always been a great example to me of someone who chooses to focus on the positive.

Whenever I open my blessings journal that you gave me, I am reminded of your great example.

Many can and will learn from you in this area.

I thank God for you and am blessed to call you friend.

Holly said...

Have you ever read the book "Jesus Freak", by DC Talk? It is all sorts of different stories of Martyrs for Christianity. It is an amazing book and very inspiring. I think you would like it! We have it if you want to borrow it.

On a different note...Can we please all join in prayer that SHARI get that HOT TUB???!!!

Tamatha said...

So Amy seriously?..when are you going to start writing a book??? You convey your thoughts so well it is easy and enjoyable to read and VERY encouraging!

Tamar said...

I agree You are a brilliant writer!
I Love Your heart attitude!
I am certainly inspired!

Rhonda said...

That's a great reminder Amy. I got myself in a muck last fall with my new job - it seemed to have a lot of the things that I didn't want - even though I had prayed for the job. Once I started thanking God for my job I could finally see all the good things that God had blessed me with by giving me this job.

Shari said...

Holly is truly a woman of God with incredible insight and wisdom....Yes pray for the Hot Tub!!

Holly said...

I never knew how HILARIOUS Shari was until we all started blogging. Seriously Shari you crack me up and this laughter feels soooo great! Have you always been this funny?! Thanks for keeping me laughing. Tammy, your comments are pretty funny to, by the way!

Williams Family Blog said...


Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am. Keep seeing the glass half full....


Joy said...

It's a great reminder to me that even in the face of such dark times, I am blessed with beautiful children, I have good friends that support and love me and I'm daily striving to recognize Christ's love and purpose in my life. I love you truly Amy... I could not be who I am or go through this without you. I always thank my God for you... you're such a blessing to me.

Roxanne said...

It's great to be reminded Amy that
we are so blessed. Being thankful is certainly a habit worth forming.
You are a wise woman!