Saturday, March 17, 2007

With child...

If you haven't yet read Jen's newest must go and read it NOW. It's beautiful. It got me thinking. (Which is a welcome idea with 2 younguns running
Woman can naturally relate to any description of childbirth. It's something that the majority have done, or will do. Although we all have unique stories, they are all real, and very vivid in our mind. Obviously, in my state, it is very real to me... it won't be long until I end up in the delivery room myself (or an ambulance, or maybe even Walmart...) to birth another child.
What I have recently been pondering on is the wonders that God allows while we are carrying the child.... aside from all of the pains, and aches..the puking and nausea..the growing and tenderness... there is another, totally different side to "pregnancy".
During each of my ultrasounds (with 3 different babies) the technician remarked how very active and stubborn each was (funny, b/c the current 2 are very different from each other..) yet in my womb, they were all similar. Some nights as I lay in bed, when the quietness comes, I can feel legs just a givin' er and arms a flailin'. It's absolutely amazing... And I remember how remarkable pregnancy is. The forming of different body parts and organs at specific times.. then once all is formed, there is still a period of growth, a period where all has to be set in place, a bit more fat or a bit more hair... a little bit of something.
And then, in HIS timing, the birth.
But before all of "that" happens, there is a glorious miracle taking place to form the "child". If we allow ourselves to focus on the puking and aches, we may not realize that there is so much more going on... a unique, miraculous formation. Growing and movement and developing....
And as my spiritual womb is quickening, I MUST focus on the life that God is forming, the "child" that is moving and growing, not on the aches and pains that come along with it.


Tamar said...

Restarted a new Blog as I forget my old Password....its been that long.

It is so great to be reading the ladies reformation Blogs on my days off.

I did read Jens and was very excited as I read it...It really witnessed in my Spirit as I'm sure it did with You.

Great Ultra Sound Photos!

Lovely to see the Beauty of Gods creation....Being so wonderfully made inside You!

He truely is the Author of Beauty!
Bless You Beautiful!

Shari said...

Thanks Amy

I needed this reminder....sometimes as we compare physical things it helps to bring into perspective things in the spiritual...I'm at the puking, pain, aching and stretching stage. It's all great when you realize that it's part of producing "life"!

Jen said...
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Jen said...


So true, the differences in experiences...and sometimes perspectives. Seeing your baby pictures makes me a little envious....crazy I know...four should be plenty! I really loved being pregnant though. I had pretty text book pregnancies...and just felt so healthy and wonderful after the first couple of months. Delivery has been my birth control though!

No matter what our "pregnancies" feel or look like...the child being born is so awesome...and such a miracle.
The same is the case with our "spiritual pregnancies"...the process is likely to get uncomfortable to say the least...and the delivery...well, we have to hold on tight and get through it....but Oh the joy of birthing a beautiful precious gift of God, that when it's all done, we will say..."it was worth it all!"
Bless you as you incubate, and birth, both in the natural and in the spiritual...may God continue to strengthen you!

Brandy said...

cute ultrasound pics!! Can't wait to meet my new little niece. Isn't the Lord awesome how he created us to birth life!!!

Holly said...

I showed my kid's the ultrasound pictures of your baby and they were so amazed!!! Josiah (age 12) couldn't get over the fact that baby's in "mom's tummy" could suck on their thumb. This raised many questions, such as: Can babies see? So we talked about how babies could see light and darkness. What a miracle!!!! God is amazing and He has created us to me amazing too...

I hope you are feeling well today and can get some rest!

Cheryl said...

Thanks so sharing the awesome photos, as well as the awesome insights.

This whole concept is why I loved working on a Maternity floor and working with newborns.

Thanks for reminding us of this awesome truth!

Tamatha said...

Little by little I have been making my way around to peoples blogs. So here I am starting to read yours. Kewl pictures:o)

Rhonda said...

I absolutely loved giving birth. Pregnancy was not so fun - especially the first one. After my first baby, I was visiting anyone I slightly knew who was having a baby. I couldn't wait to relive the experience.

I would love to volunteer on the marternity ward someday - I just love it there.