Monday, April 2, 2007

Gratitude Saturday....

So..I'm a little late....When you work weekends, you must be prepared to alter your schedule...Plus..better late than never...

I am thankful for.....

Dirty children---I love springtime. Dirty clothes, dirty children, dirty bathtub. I LOVE to see the mud smeared down their cheeks and grass stains on their knees. It means fresh air. God's goodness. Memories. Funtimes.
I am so thankful for dirt.

Hot water--- to not only wash the dirty children and the dirty clothes, and the dirty tub, but to eventually unwind in once those dirts are asleep...ahh.

Funny children---I guess not so wisely, I jokingly called Hannah a "dirtbag". She was absolutely filthy. Since she was just getting out of the tub, she said "MAMA! I'm not a dirtbag. I'm a cleanbag." .. Made me laugh.


Joy said...

Dirt is a wonderful thing... dirty kids, dirty dog feet, dirty kitchen floors... haha! Thanks for reminding me I need to clean my kitchen floors!
Missing you, friend. My love to you and those dirty kids... muah!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Hannah is always so cute, and brilliant with her words!!!

Love you Hannah!!

Rhonda said...

I love it when my children can get outside. Brittany has been out every chance she can get.

I don't really like dirty paw prints on the floor though.

Holly said...

You are a WISE woman. Kid's have so much fun getting all that DIRT on themselves!

Shari said...

Are you wearing one of those braclets like Cheryl. Sorry, I love spring but not the "dirt". With so many coming and going from our household the vacuming seems endless. Although I am very thankful for my new vacum from Canadian Tire for only $99 - it's a beauty and well broken in after only 5 days!!

Happy cleaning!!

Williams Family Blog said...


I love your perspective on things.

My kids love the dirt.., sand..., muddy water.., wet paint.., etc, etc.

Thank God for the bathtub and my digital camera. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the smell of spring, of the ground thawing and that wet smell. It reminds me that summer is around the corner. YIPPEE!!!!

Roxanne said...

I can remember putting splash suits on my kids and letting them play in the puddles. Sometimes the kids would even sit in the puddles.
I was thankful to have a laundry tub in our "mud room" to get the first layer of dirt off before the kids ran through the house.
It's kind of strange that we refer to a room as a "mud room". My new house doesn't have a mud room; we still have muddy boots (they're just bigger now) so the boots stay outside beside the door.
I can remember my Dad often leaving his boots outside the back door. For a long time after my Dad passed away his boots remained in this spot.