Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh to be a fly on the wall.....

Me: "I thought you guys weren't really friends anymore? You told me she was being mean?"
H: "People change don't you know?"

H: "Oh wow!! You don't often see that everyday!"
Me: "See what hun?"
H: "A grandma driving a bus!"

I: "ummm.. I accidentally threw the remote at Hannah's head."

I: "Hey mama. Do you know what 'they' call testicles?"
Me: "ahh..what?"
I: (with his hands around his mouth) whispers, "NUTS!!!"

H: (doing share & show for school)
"Mama. Why do you think I always forget that part?"
Me: "because we sometimes don't pay attention, honey."
H: "Thanks mom. Thanks. "(quite serious with hands on her head)
Me: "huh? "
H: "thanks for that mom." (still very serious)
me: "thanks for what?"
H: "for saying that. I really needed to hear that."

H: (crying in her room)
Me: "oh honey, what's wrong?"
H: "why do I have to be so skinny? Nothing that I like fits me."

I: "Did dad work yesterday?"
Me: "He worked last night, yes."
I: "But did he work yesterday. Like that day before the other day that was tomorrow?"
Me: "Huh?"

I: "Mom, did you tell dad how much you spend?"
Me: "yes"
I: "Was he impressed?"
Me: (giggle) "No"
I: "Mad?"
Me: (heehee) "No. He knew we needed snowsuits honey."
I: "Oh. okay."

In the back seat of the car, playing with little people. Who are kissing each other.
A: "oh daddy, me wuv you, me wuv you, ME WUV YOU!!"

I: (who is getting very upset) "MOM! How do I get it to stop that?"
Me: "what to stop honey?"
I: "My penis. It keeps growing."
Me: (giggle, giggle)
H: (quite perturbed) "If you'd stop touching it, it would go back to normal you know???!!!"


Holly said...

Laugh out loud FUNNY!!!! I love the quote from "A"!!! (I wuv you Daddy!!)

Soooooooooo cute!

Jen said...

So priceless, and funny!

Rhonda said...

Can anyone not laugh out loud at that last one?!?!? Too funny. Especially if you're a mom of a son. :)

Vicki said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!

Maureen said...

Too Funny!

Juls said...

OMGOOSHH! Wow, that was great. I'm speachless......

redeemed diva said...