Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of these things is not like the other..

It's been one of "those" weeks. Well, kind of.
You know what I mean?
"those" as in : 'It's hard to believe tomorrow is Friday.' and 'where in the world did the week go?'

While I worked 2 extra days outside of the home, my husband has lovingly watched over the kids and the house. He's vacuumed once, and finished a few loads of laundry. He's good to have around.
He didn't however, notice something was out of place in the cupboard. Maybe because he may have put it there?

Can you see it?? Look close.
It's there. Way up there in the middle, right hand side. Pink lid?!

Out of place, not because it's cotton candy. (we LOVE cotton candy)
Out of place because


PUUULLLEASE tell me who puts an empty container BACK into the cupboard???

Must have been a joke for mom.
(living with someone with OCD tendencies is very trying)
It worked.
After a long week. I stopped. And laughed.
Such simple things.


Jen said...

Ummm...who puts empty containers and boxes back in the cupboard? I would say almost everybody in the house I live in and I only WISH just one or 2 had slight OCD tendencies....drives me NUTS and I am so far beyond laughing about it. It takes a lot of food to feed these growing kids, and I am always miffed to find out that the overcrowding of my ample cupboards is due to somebody leaving yet ANOTHER empty pack.

By the way, I couldn't tell what it was in the first pic but knew it was the answer as everything else was perfectly aligned and the container was just sort of thrown in...they really must have been trying to set you up.
Keep laughing Amy, I have a feeling this adorable family of yours is going to try those wonderful organizational tendencies of yours quite often in the years to come.

Williams Family Blog said...

Ohhh Amy, Can you please, please, please spend a day in early January helping me organize my home???? I will even resort to bribery if it will work.

redeemed diva said...

Wow! I'm now having blog-envy over your cupboards. Come visit me. We'll have fun. I'll eat choclate while you arrange my cupboards.
And I have that same question for milk and juice containers. I think it's something they teach in husband school--you know, to make us laugh and to see how well we can throw a jug at them and how quick they are to dodge it! ;)

gitz said...

I didn't know it was empty, but knew for sure it was out of place because it was crammed in instead of placed nicely like the rest of it :)

I line up everything in my cupboards, too. And either categorize or alphabetize. I don't think it's a disorder... I think it's efficient :)

Rhonda said...

Okay - Who has such beautifully organized and neat cupboards?!?!

Unfortunately, not this girl. :)

SHARI said...

Yikes - your family also has this illness of putting empty containers back. How about the toilet paper - does he change it to a new roll?

Maureen said...

Well I'm the odd man out or maybe just odd as all I could think of is
where did you buy the candy floss? Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Most men....
And teenagers almost always put things back empty or nearly empty.

Vicki said...

What I find annoying is when a container is refillable and it is still put back empty! For instance, the sugar jar or the butter dish, or what about the milk bag?? ANNOYING!

Tamatha said...

Ok...I found the link for this from Holly's I want to organize my house!lol