Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trimming our crowns..

We just weren't blessed with 'luscious locks'.  (both my girls have two crowns!! ugh!)  I'm not bitter.  It is what it is.  We got the big blue eyes.  And we did GET hair.  Just not the hair that we would have asked for.  That's more than we can say for the man of the house.  I'm not going to kick up a stink and ask why we didn't get both-the eyes and the hair.  We just didn't.
Which is probably why I LOVE a haircut.  When you have less than desired of anything, it is wonderful to have a professional deal with it.  Right?  That, and my mother's views on hair.  She has this thing.  We won't go there.

Feeling overly shaggy, this weekend we set out to get some hair cuts:

Baby girl was NOT impressed that mommy had scissors anywhere near her ears.  She has no idea what 'bad hair' is.  She doesn't care.  She does care about her ears though.       (And, for the record, so do I.)

Big girl 'before'



Now that's a sight!


Williams Family Blog said...

Ahh!! I remember trying to get my toddlers to sit still for a haircut. I usually resorted to bribery.

I LOVE!!!! Hannah's new do.
What colours did you get in your hair this time???

Shaun and Holly said...

What a fantastic hair cut you got!! Guess what? Tirzah is going to get her very long hair cut too, very soon by that very same lady who did your hair! :)

Amy, are you blonder now?

Sorry Aliah about the trama...


Maureen said...

Oh memories of that face during the first haircut.I can see my kids now at that age.
Hannah's hair looks sooo cute just like Mommies.
Post a pic of your new highlights we are dying to see them.

Vicki said...

Seems like it 'hair-do season'! I'm seeing lots of fresh haircuts around me. I've decided to get in on the action and am heading to the hairdressers today. Not sure what I'll get ... no highlights, just a cut, but I might just let Rob decide on the cut. He knows me and my hair and gets it right every time!

Ris said...

My sister has two crowns but was also blessed with THE coolest texture I've ever seen. Think Jennifer Aniston with zero effort. Can do wavy or straight. It's gorgeous!

Her hair looks FABULOUS! so cute!!!! Love the little bangs! Her eyes are SO pretty. All your kids are so pretty! (and handsome, of course)

Jen said...

Love Hannah's hair, it really suits her little face.

Be thankful it is your girls with double crowns. Michael, Maria and Jianna all have them...(a gift from daddy). The girls are fine because once it grows a few inches, it will lie down....Mike though....It's either got to be short and spikey, which makes him look too young fo his age, or long enough on top to lie down...usually too shaggy.
Remember the mushroom cut for little boys? That was a perfect cut on Mike....too bad it's no longer in style!

Shaun and Holly said...

by the way, Josiah and I also have 2 crowns!

Rhonda said...

I have a double-crown too. All of my children are blessed with very full heads of hair. It just seems to keep getting thicker as they age.

Hannah looked adorable in her new haircut.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful haircut Hannah

Tammy said...

I love your picture Amy, you doing the Wilson look from Home Improvements. did you ever see that show!!!????

gitz said...

A worse sight is watching me do my own cut and color... I'm sure your highlights looked fantastic!

And boy that little girl looks SO grown up!!!