Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm still 'allowed' in my kids rooms.  They're too young to fully understand 'privacy' and 'rights'.  Thankfully.  
'Cause I'm just not sure how I'm going to 'deal' with all that.

Besides.  It's cool if mom is in their rooms right now.  It means she's either playing or cleaning, and doing both of those alone, often sucks. 
So, for now, I enter.

Recently,this is what I found.

PLEEAAASSEEEEEEE  no one tell my mother she's almost 100.  She truly believes she's still in her early sixties!  


Jen said...

Too cute..Don't you love finding out what goes on in those little hearts and minds?..on the privacy and rights thing, we are not very modern in our house. Our kids have no rights only privileges, (aside from the basic God given rights of course). Rights can't be taken away, but let me tell you, a privilege sure can!
Privacy....hmmm, well, in the bathroom and concerning their bodies, absolutely!
Concerning their rooms, their computers, pass words etc....ummm, dare I share my ultra unmodern opinion????

Not a Chance!!!!
We spot check computers etc. not because we don't trust our kids, we don't trust the world that influences them and tries to bombard them though.

Talking to kids at the high school, even some from Christian homes, telling me how they hide stuff on their computers from their parents with pass words and hidden files...yeah, no, I am thinking privacy is highly over rated.
Not a popular opinion today, I know, but so far, it's working for us.

Amy said...

Jen--so glad to finally hear from you again!

I hear you on the rights/privacy thing--I just don't want to start thinking about it yet, being Hannah is so stubborn. lol. I def. want to hold them accountable for their actions. TIme will tell how we fair that one.

Btw--thanks for the little soldiers if i haven't already thanked you--Isaiah LOVES them!

Ris said...

LOL!!! Your poor mother! That is hilarious!

Rhonda said...

HAHAHA!! That one is laugh-out-loud funny. Hannah is so sweet.

On Sunday, Mark changed the chairs around in Kids' Church. He had them all facing a completely different way then ever before. Confused the kids a little bit. Hannah informed me that the reason that Pastor Mark changed the room around is because...'he's weird'. I loved it!

I must say, I'm with Jen on the privacy issue.

Grandma said...

Come on gals don't you think she means the other Grandma.hee,hee

Anonymous said...

This is too cute!!! You'll have to keep that forever.

Tammy said...

that's is too funny!!!!! I love it!!!!!

gitz said...

That's fantastic! Remind me to have a face lift before I ever meet your children...

Tamatha said...

lol!too funny:o)