Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy (belated-yesterday) Birthday Mom!

I don't think I've ever blogged about my mom.  Not for lack of reasons--I have a very wonderful mother.  I have many stories of, and much gratitude for, my mother.  But mom is  a bit shy.  She does NOT like the lime light, nor does she appreciate any talk about her.  She might be "mad" at me..but can't let this one go!

 Sewing has always interested me.  I've never really mentioned anything, but I've always held a keenness to the thought and option of creating my own projects.  Many times I have wanted to buy a machine, but I never did.  It's not that I couldn't save the money.  I could.  But there are so many "other things" that are "more important".  Bills, stuff for the house, things for the kids--you know?!  I just never wanted to spend money frivolously on something I didn't even know how to do. What if I don't even like it?  And what about the pain in my hands?  What if I couldn't physically do it?  


I guess I just never felt worth it. 

My Heavenly Father, and my mother (& father) thought differently.

You see, God knows the desires of our hearts--and he told mom one of mine.
And she listened.  

And now I have a brand new sewing machine.

It's not my birthday.  I have never asked, nor have I told anyone this desire.  My mom just listened and acted.  (she was a bit concerned when she gave it to me, wondering if I was going to be like "huh? why do I want THAT?")

Reality is she could have said to God (and she may have at first!!) "a sewing machine?  I don't think so!  Do you know how much they are?  Her husband has a good job--if she wants one she can buy her own!  Don't think I'm buying her one"
But she didn't.

That's the way my mom is. She loves her family.  Loves God.  She is quiet, thoughtful, stubborn, and committed.  She is faithful and loving.  She wants the best for those around her, and would give all she had to see them prosper.  She lives and breathes her family and friends.  She is a wonderful mother. One to strive to be like.

She has always loved me for ME.  And that means more than I can ever explain or express.
Knowing you are loved, no matter what, is indescribable.
Thanks mom.

Happy (belated) Birthday!  You are LOVED!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute. I must say that I admire your mom and aspire to be a mom like her. I have much to learn. She's a keeper!!

Shaun and Holly said...

That is wonderful!!! Happy Birthday "Mrs. B"!

Maureen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Lady.
Love you lots

Karen said...

So funny, I have had the same passion rise up in the last year only to be pushed away under the heading of - don't have time and probably not good at it anyway! I have literally nerver even touched a machine.
Let us know how you do :) I will live through you!

gitz said...

What a fantastic mom!!!

I just read your comment on my post and wanted to come see what the MRI was for... is it your hands? Whatever is going on, just know you'll be in my prayers!

sara (gitz)

Ris said...

That is so sweet! WOW! God sure has blessed you with a wonderful mother.

(I got a sewing machine for my birthday last summer and started a quilt recently. it is SO MUCH FUN, and I hope you love it as well!)