Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude..

LONG overdue, here is todays' list:

  • washing machine --  I am so blessed that I can run downstairs and "throw" a load in at whatever time I want.  (like right now!  almost 11:00pm)  I feel so grateful that I don't have to lug clothing nor children to a laundry mat.
  • my neighbours --  I absolutely love my neighbours.  We have a very unique relationship.  They give us "free reign" to their hot tub--and it is SUCH a blessing on a long, trying day.
  • my  mother -- upon hearing of my upcoming visitors, my mother made a huge lasagna and shepherds pie, as well as some "sweets" to feed my billets.  She is a gem.
  • music -- has the ability to take me from "bad" mood to "good" instantly.  Reminds me of the love of God.  Uplifts and encourages me.
  • diet coke -- if you haven't yet realized, this will be on most of my lists.
  • favour -- being a child of God has SO MANY benefits. 
  • photos -- what a blessing to be able to have memories captured on paper.  I love reliving the "good ole days" through pictures.
  • grace


Jen said...

So many great things to be thankful for....your mommy is such a sweet heart.
Enjoy being blessed and relax and enjoy your billets.

Ris said...

I agree with the washing machine one for sure! The Diet Coke one cracks me up. I guess I'd have McDonalds on my list. >:) I order a bazillion pictures every month. LOVE looking through albums! Your mother sounds wonderful!

Shaun and Holly said...

Love your list!! You mom sure is a "KEEPER"!!!!

Vicki said...

Great list! I wish I had a neighbour who gave me free reign to their hot tub!!

Cathy said...

Your writing is so uplifting. You have a great way of putting things in words!

Roxanne said...

Once again, an excellent list.