Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A matter of opinion...

I was eating in bed last night.  Yep.  I was.  I know I shouldn't have been.  I was SOOO tired, yet wanted to get a bit of a new book in.  Plus I was "munchy".  "THEY" (whoever they are) say not to eat after supper--and def. not to eat in bed.  But I snacked away, on long, sour, licorice like candy.  MMMMMMM...GOOD!
I fell asleep.  Book in hand, candy beside me, lights on.  
When I awoke this morning, to a bright eyed little boy pulling at the covers, I realized Mike had come home during his shift and situated my "stuff".  He had left the candy on my night stand.  
"mmm...those look GOOD" I hear my first born say.
I knew exactly what she was talking about.  And she was right.  They were good.
I glanced at the clock.  7:36 am.  Not bad.
"yep, they are really good" I said.  smiling.
They both stood there staring.  Saying nothing.  They knew the answer, so why even ask.  
Until I said..
"Would you like one? "
They then stared at me.  Mouths wide. "YES!! PLEASE!! CAN WE?"
"sure" I say "why not? But just one."
Moments later she says "Why are you being so nice this morning mama?"
I laughed.  Nice? I thought.  What is she talking about.
"What do you mean sweet?  nice?"
"Well, you are letting us have candy before breakfast.  That's really nice."
I laughed.

And, as always, God speaks.  Through my current "God-language" (my children) he reminds me that there are times when I want "candy for breakfast" and he says no.  Not because he doesn't want to be "nice", but because, as my Father, he knows "candy for breakfast" isn't good.  It's not healthy.  It will not sustain me through the day.  It could hinder me.  And that although I may not understand, and may want something that looks good (and may taste good) at that moment, it's not what I need.   He knows what I need.  He is taking care of me.  He has my best interest in mind.  He loves me and wants what's best for me.  Always.


Mona said...

Amy I love your perspective and wisdom in all situations.
You are a sweet Momma candy or not.
Personally I thought the end of this story was going to be you woke up with food stuck in your hair.
been there done that maybe that's why we are not supposed to eat in bed cause we all know it's absolutely nothing to do with "They" say

redeemed diva said...

Love this post. sour licorice and all.

Roxanne said...

You must have been some tired!!

What a great, teachable moment.

Cathy said...

You have an interesting way of seeing situations. I like that.

Amy said...

Cathy--is that your way of saying I"m unique? HA!

Shari said...

Was it chocolate?

Kevin makes fun of me when the kids were little I would make chocolate haystacks and let the kids have them for breakfast. My thought was they were healthier than most cereals as they contained oatmeal,cocoa, cocoanut, milk, butter... almost forgot and tons of brown sugar.

Shaun and Holly said...

So...what ya readin'??

Amy said...

A novel by Beverly Lewis. It's my dad's--lol--he loves Amish novels...HA!!! He's started a collection. He's almost as wierd as me!!

Ris said...

This is great! You HAVE to eat food after dinner...I know we eat our junk food after the kids are in bed so that they don't see it and want it. You are a very nice mama. (so cute that they called you out on it!)

jennifer said...

i like red licorice yummy

Vicki said...

Isn't that one of the neatest things about being a mom? ... how God uses our kids to speak to us!

Jen said...

Love your perspective in all of this Amy...sour licorice?....hmmmm....Not sure that would be my guilty pleasure but I love that you shocked your kids with the unexpected timing of the treat.

Tammy said...

great post!!!! Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!
Keep'em coming.....