Sunday, May 11, 2008

My baby girl (first born) is SIX!!  (It was yesterday but I was having a dousy of a time trying to post)  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like six years (in that so many things have happened), yet it also feels like yesterday(that I was welcoming my first child into the world!).
When we were first married, Mike was anxious to "get going" on child bearing.  I was not.  I had waited 6 years to be married to this man and I wanted some time for just him and I.  About 2 1/2 years into our relationship we decided it was time to "get going".  And month, after month, after month, we waited...and waited...and waited. And month, after month, after month, my "little friend" came to visit.  After about 6 months, we went to see the doctor.  "Come back after it's been a full year" he said.  (I'm sure he thought we were just getting anxious, and in a year we would be coming back with a baby almost due)  But, there wasn't one.  
I would have to say that we did a really good job at being hopeful.  I was aware that I was going to be a mother, whether it be natural or supernatural.  But I believed God knew my heart and wanted to fullfill my dreams.  Obviously in HIS timing.  At around 17 months of trying I remember breaking down.  In the bathtub.  I sobbed and sobbed.  Mike came in and asked "What in the world was I doing??"  Lol.  I stopped.  Momentarily I had lost my faith.  
At 19 months of trying we had just finished tests for Mike (as I guess it's easier to test the male then the female)  and found out that Mike was def. NOT the "problem".  The doctor assured us that if Mike had been promiscuous as a teenager, he would have been a father to MANY..(Mike walked around all puffed up for quite some time after that!!!)  
My turn....  I had a round of tests.  Basic at first.  Bloodwork, urine.  Yada-Yada.

Then a call from the doctors.Seems as though...I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Joy was born (early) on May 11, 2002.  (Shortly before Mike and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.)  I had a terrible pregnancy.  Vomited every single day (multiple times!!) until 4 days before she was born.  I ended up in the hospital 4 weeks early with toximia.  There were many reasons, in the natural, for me to resent carrying this child. Physically she was a bother.  But I felt so blessed to finally be able to carry her, and then birth her...   She is a true jem.

Happy Birthday to my Gracious, Merciful and Joyous Princess!!  (Hannah Joy)


Shaun and Holly said...

Happy Birthday to you Hannah! You are one wonderful little girl!!!!

jennifer said...

great post amy happy birthday you sweet sweet girl Hannah

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! Now that she's six she'll really have to watch those hormones! ha!

Love, love, love your family pics! Will you please share who was the photographer and where they were taken?

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!
Happy Mothers Day Amy!
Thankyou for sharing your blessings with us in words and in life.
She is beautiful.

Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I'm sure you've brought much 'joy' to your parents (and MANY others)!'ve been blessed with three wonderful, healthy children. God heard your heart's desire.

Joy said...

BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Much love to you, miss Hannah. You are a treasure!

Jen said...

Amy I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures....BEAUTIFUL!!!!

It's so hard to wait for our dreams to be fulfilled, and Mark and I went through a very similar battle....not that you'd know it 4 kids later ;o)
I was on fertility drugs for Michael, explains the 4 year span between my boys...Faith and persistence, the keys to any of our dreams that take time to manifest!!!

Hannah is such a blessing and such an awesome beginning to the fulfillment of your parenting dreams...
Bless you all!

Rhonda said...

She really is a precious gem. And isn't wonderful how even though a pregnancy can be utterly horrible - God blesses us with such an awesome gift.

Ris said...

That is a wonderful story. Amazing what we go through for those babies. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little (big!) girl!

Tammy said...

You are truly blessed, you have three amazing kids. God's timing is perfect!!!