Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i am:  a child of God.
i think: I don't know as much as I think I do.
i know: I have only began my journey.
i want: to die laughing.
i have: an amazing family.
i wish: I had more patience.
i hate: deceit.
i miss: my friend Joy.
i fear: making mistakes.
i feel: sad.  For my friends.  And the lies.
i hear: the still, small voice of my Father.
i smell: dirt.
i crave: chocolate.
i search: for the good in all things.
i wonder: what tomorrow holds.
i regret: hanging on to bitterness.
i love: being me.
i ache: over the hearts of my friends.
i care: about my neighbors.
i always: think too much.
i am not: who I used to be.
i dance: naked.  (LOL!! --Just seeing if you were really reading!!)
i sing: praises to my God.
i don’t always: take time to smell the roses.
i fight: with God, at times.
i write: because I like to.
i win: always.  The battle is WON!
i lose: when I give up.
i never: go to bed angry.
i confuse: lots of people and sometimes myself.
i listen: to my children all day long.
i can usually be found: tidying.
i am scared: of snakes.
i need: diet coke.
i am happy about: life.



Shaun and Holly said...

That was fun to read! I will have to do it on my blog too.

Jen said...

You are an awesome and very fun person Amy!

Roxanne said...

great idea

Williams Family Blog said...

Hmmm...quite creative my friend. I think I am going to have to give that a try on my blog..

Tammy said...


Tamatha said...

I just posted a list:o)