Monday, April 28, 2008

Two peas in a pod...

It wasn't quite as difficult as I thought it would be.  When I told Hannah that we needed to "talk", about her "room", she immediately said "I know mom.  My desk.  It's disgusting.  Papa would not be happy that so much junk is covering his beautiful desk.  Let's clean it"  ((Ahhh....a girl after my own heart!!!))

So, for Mo, here is the finished product.....
She decided that there were only a few items deemed as "treasures" on her desk, and she lovingly displayed them in small, beautiful, shiny, shot glasses. 

I did ask her why those particular items held value to her.  (IE: beer bottle caps that she found outside in a dirt pile????)  

"Well mom" she said as she lovingly lay each cap out on her desk for display.  "See this one, it's beautiful.  Gold and shiny.  But this one it's different.  It's green."
"Don't you like all the colours?" she asked me.  Without giving me a chance to answer she goes on.. "And, well, what if everything was just green.  Your whole world was green.  Everything. EVERYTHING?  Wouldn't that be boring?  Everything only green?"

"Why, yes, I suppose it would be"  I finally answer.

And then she left.  Seemed she thought that was answer enough.  Her desk was clean, and there were pictures to be coloured.


Mona said...

Hannah what a beautiful desk Wow!
I liked it before but now you can see your treasures reflected in the mirror and that makes them twice as beautiful.
I agree Hannah Green everything YUCKY!Imagine if everything was mustard yellow EEEEEK!

Amy, Hannah has such a spirit of imagination. She sees the beauty in everything.Even a beer cap :-)
Good for her.

She is a girl after my own heart who likes to play in all the colours of the rainbow.
Dad was right, there are such things as fairies.
Holly is the flower fairie and Hannah the rainbow fairie.
Nowadays we call them Blessings.

Holly said...

Excellent job Hannah!

jennifer said...

great job hannah you are a bleesing

Roxanne said...

Looks like Hannah's got some organizational skills!

Ris said...

Awwww. too sweet! Her comments are adorable! Desk looks great. Now Mom can sleep again. lol

Joy said...

I'm so glad my daughter is blessed to have a friendship with your daughter... if she's ANYTHING like her mother, Isabella will have the friendship of a lifetime. I love you!
By the way, great music list... every song would be on mine. MUAH.

Anonymous said...

So pretty, just like you.
Amy, love the pink blog, and love your song choices... Rita Springers song is a favorite of mine.
I often lead with her song = There Is a River... everyone always loves the power on that song!

you make me smile... you tidy, funky, fun mom you!

Holly said...

Oh Yeah....

Those songs are all so awesome!!! You have good taste! ;o)
And I love your heart of worship.