Saturday, April 26, 2008

Like mother, like daughter...


Parenting dilemma #1--(or atleast #1 for today!!)

It seems (for now) that my eldest daughter has none of my organizing/purging qualities.  I am fully aware that she is only 5 years old, BUT, I am also aware that she is half her father...and so, here is the result of "please tidy up your room"(which is a daily ritual in this house--as is purging!!)

Hannah believes that if everything is off of her floor, than her room is clean.   And all of this "stuff" is very important to her.  They are her treasures...  Everyday she comes home with something "BEAUTIFUL" that she has found...a rock, a beer bottle cap, some flowers, beads, blades of grass....(and the list goes on).  Here are some of her favourite items stored lovingly in a  box...

I ask God daily to help me with this child.  I do not want to squelch her creativity.  I do want her to understand tidy.I know this is God's way of teaching me--showing me beauty in things I would label as junk.  He has a way of doing that.  Whilst we teach our children simple, life tasks, he, inturn, allows our children to teach us.  I can see Him now.  Watching me.  As I want to pull out my hair in frustration, he chuckles.  Sends me a little whisper.  Says "slow down my love, shes' a child.  I let you learn.  Please let her".  So, although I would like to go in and empty the entire desk into the garbage, this evening we will set aside time (AGAIN) to go over what is on her desk, what she would like to keep in what containers (as she tells me stories of why the behold such beauty!), and what should be given away (or thrown out!!!!!).  


Anonymous said...

She is definitely teaching us all! I LOVE her simplicity and ability to be grateful and find wonder in something we deem useless and garbage.
You are on the right track!

They are pretty rocks Hannah and I kept mine from you for a year!

Mona said...

Hannah is a girl after my own heart.
My first thought when I read this was God is our rock amongst the mess of the world.hanah sees the beauty in everything. How Blessed you and Mike are.
My second was remembering when I cleaned my room everything was shoved under the bed and my bedspread would be even with the floor. How my mother was so proud of me until my brother would say "Check under the bed mom" Then that put a cramp in my day of adventuring out.
Special boxes for special things so she can keep all her treasures close.I hope you will write about the stories of why this particular treasure and it's importance, as sometimes we need to see the beauty of the world again through a childs eyes.
Enjoy the stories Amy.

Holly said...

Sometimes I wonder who need who more....My kids needing us (parents) or us needing THEM(to be our kids)! I learn lots from them for sure!!!

redeemed diva said...

Ah, the creative! I love a colourful mess and yet, I'm really sticky about things going back where they belong and having a clutter free space. I share your frustrations of the "daily explosion" that happens in your child room. I've made the horrid mistake of throwing things out without asking and thinking she wouldn't notice...lesson learned: I was wrong. Sounds like you are on the right (and patience building) track.

Ris said...

I had to LOL at the desk. Ugg, looks like mine used to. (although, I shoved everything in the top drawer of my dresser) It took getting married for me to be more organized. (Seriously. As sad as that is.) Maybe get her some tupperware bins to label and store the treasures for now until she is ready to get rid of them? I am praying that I can be more organized like you guys, so I'll include your daughter in that prayer with my own request. :-)

Williams Family Blog said...

Calia is the same way as Hannah. Every thing.....I mean everything...she wants to keep. I went into her room a couple of days ago and managed to sit down with her and go through one set of drawers. She was fine with that but any of her stuffed animals, or the stuff on her dresser... they were off limits.
I respect that in I wait.

Now I just need to check under her bed.

Jen said...

My girls have the same idea....if there is nothing on the floor, the room is clean....under the bed most definitely does not count as on the floor to these 2 little girls....I loved a clean room growing up, Mark, Not so much.
You would think out of 4 kids, I would get 2 that like to be organized....right now I'd settle for 1!
I have hopes for Jianna, she shows signs of at least understanding the joy of getting into a neatly made bed, and sleeping in a decluttered room...Until she gets her own room, I won't know for sure though.

Anonymous said...

Ah... Rocks in a Box. (smile) we have many of them around from our past rock hunts!