Thursday, April 3, 2008

Silly things....

I read this really funny blog at Amanda's. I laughed out loud and thought I would try this silly thing. You go to google and enter in "name+needs" (name being YOUR name). This is what it said that I need:

1. Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.
2. Amy needs some training.
3. Amy needs help.
4. Amy needs a topic for her film.
5. Amy needs a flu shot.
6. Amy needs three volunteers.
7. Amy needs an article.
8. Amy needs to get another facial expression for deep ponderance.
9. Amy needs a blueprint for her financial future.
10. Amy needs to mend her ways and be more of a team player.
Wow – these next ones didn’t make the top ten (I just kept digging back in my result set), but definitely need to be posted! Let’s keep going with the best of the rest:
11. Amy needs to strap on her personal bomb mechanism and blow herself up.
12. Amy needs to get out the monkeysicle and do some tests on him.
13. Amy needs to stay out of the sun.
14. Amy needs a loving, committed family who will provide structure and stability and have the ability to understand her growing process.
15. Amy needs to decide if this fits her idea of a good relationship.
16. Amy needs to be the only cat.
17. Amy needs to hit the sack.
18. Amy needs to close her legs and open her mind because she stands to lose everything.
19. Amy needs the cooperation of the taxidermists for access to the animals.
20. Amy needs to take off.
21. Amy needs to realize that her family and friends require as much devotion as the horses.
22. Amy needs a new plan and fast!
23. Amy needs to find her credit card.
24. Amy needs to graduate.
25. Amy needs to remain aloof and detached from her decision in order to validate her decision and move forward.
26. Amy needs a hug

I know, it's really silly--but it made me laugh!!!!


Tammy said...

Those are too funny. I should do mine. Just have to figure out where to go. Let me know so I can do it.
Loved your fridge post too.

jennifer said...

too funny i did mine check it out

Vicki said...

LOL! Hmm ... so which ones are true?

Williams Family Blog said...

I have googled my name before and found out that I have had a number of different careers including a successful business woman and athlete. I did Cliff's name and he is the guitar player of a famous rock band....I think zz top? LOL

Roxanne said...


Mona said...

This is too funny
I tried to do it too but other things came up.
So ladies a step by step would be great.
I know it's simple but I am not getting anywhere fast

Maureen needs to hit the right key

Shari said...

Yikes - I tried doing the google thing. The first thing that came up was "Sleazy Shari Love Doll". This is not giving me the warm fuzzies by any means... oh, by the way it also listed in bold letters... SOLD OUT!! Perhaps I'll just stick to the meaning of my name!

Holly said...

Holly needs... in the olimpics.

...a home.

...something. go to obedience and learn to walk nicely on a leash...!!!!

Holly needs a hero!

Amy said...

HAHA! Obedience!! And aleash? To funny !

Mona said...

Seriously Now
How do you get to that site
I am having trouble and am soo curious.