Wednesday, February 21, 2007

With glowing hearts indeed....

I sat looking at the beast. It seemed larger than before. Scarier than I'd remembered. But I knew I had to defeat it. It would not have a hold on me any longer. I had played the game, and lost.
I climbed off the couch. Slowly inching my way towards it. I was determined to do this. This time I would be victorious.
I reached it. It wasn't as big as I had previously thought. Or was it? I knew I could do this. I stepped onto it's body. Pushed the buttons....
And started to walk, almost run, for 50 minutes.
I had tamed the beast!!!
It had been a LONG time since I felt well enough to venture onto the treadmill. But it sure felt good when I was done.
I had Dr. Phil on, as Isaiah was sleeping, and Hannah was colouring. Mike has lovingly placed the beast in front/side of the tv so atleast I can feel productive while I half way through the segment, during one of the many commercials...of which I do not pay any attention to, I heard one of my favourite songs come on. Suddenly beside me, as straight as a board, with her head held high, I see Hannah staring intently at the tv....
And this is what I heard....

O Canada
Our home me native wand
True keaver more
In all our sons come hand
With glowing hearts, we see thee nar
With true north song and free
O Canada, from far and wide
We stand on guard for thee..........
God keeper man
Glowing hearts indeed
O Canada
We stand on guard for thee

I wondered if she even knew that a few of those words were not even real words? I realized the way the words would flow meant nothing to her, but did she really think keaver was a word? She didn't care. She was standing on guard. Singing with all of her 4 years, all of her might, a song she obviously loved.
I know that soon enough, she will know all the words, the real ones, by heart. My prayer is that she will continue to do the best she can, with what she has, and feels she knows. May she give all she has.
And even more, may I, Lord, give all I have, with all my might. With a glowing heart indeed.

"She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head." Mark 14:3


Shari said...

So young, so innocent, so free to just be "Hannah" and not worry about anything. Treasure these moments when your daughter is at this stage.
All too soon they become aware of what others think and they feel the need to "do it right".
I loved the days when Amanda would sing "A Whole New World". Amanda still talks about when you gave her voice lessons.
Keep singing Hannah!!

Brandy said...

Thanks for the laugh,I can't wait to see the beautiful women Hannah will one day grow to be!!!

Holly said...

What a treasure our children are! We can learn so much from them....

Joy said...

It's just the best hearing them sing, isn't it? Isabella will belt out worship like nobody's business and it is a delight. "Make a joyful noise to the Lord!" I pray they keep it up... we have lovely girls... I hope they stay as close as their mama's. If Hannah's anything like her mama, Isabella will need her!

Rhonda said...

I love your 'Hannah stories'. We've heard lots of those stories from Brandy and Sharon at our cell group. Adorable!!

Brittany actually sang before she could talk.

Bless the gift of song in her. Mark and I are looking forward to having her in our kids' church.


Fee said...

Hi there I random blogged you through CWO.
What a sweety you have! I have a 2 year old daughter, who does the same thing! That is getting the words all mixed up! Her favourite is "Bla, Bla Black sheep.....who lives down the dwain".
Thanks for the lovely post.

Anonymous said...

I read this to my whole family and we laughed and laughed. Such leadership, passion and innonce from such a precious child. I could totally picture dear sweet Hannah singing at the top of her lungs. She has always been a worship leader! The apple didn't fall to far from the tree at all!

Thanks for making us smile and inpiring us with your words.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember those days as well. Ashley would set there and sing into the tape recorder. She would sing and sing.
That's awesome!!!!!! Hannah keep singing out!!!!!
Tammy :)