Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!! pt1.

We love (and I mean LOVE) Christmas time. Seriously brings JOY into our home and hearts.

It is a very difficult time of year for many though. I know people who dislike the 'season', some who get depressed, many who miss family members, or get super stresssed over finances (or lack therefore).

I get that. I understand.

However, we feel utterly blessed with all God has given us, and really try to enjoy this, the season of Christ's birth.
Yes, "this the season", as in NOW.

We put up our decorations early.

Having being raised by two totally different sets of parents, Mike and I came into the marriage with 2 very different views on, basically, everything. It has been a ton of fun compromising. One of the views we dealt with was Christmas. Mike won. (okay, didn't win). After having been through a few Christmases, and having children of our own, we came to the conclusion, that for us, this works.

Here is our reasoning:

We have a jam packed schedule, that only gets busier in November and December. My husband works shiftwork. That is very difficult on a family. Plus, Mike and I work exact OPPOSITE shifts. When we have a free evening we need to take advantage of it.

Decorating takes time and energy. If I want to spend an entire day decorating, I certainly don't want to take it all down in 2 weeks. I need to feel like I'm getting use of my talents.

I like to be organized. I do not like pressure. Having the part of the list done early means I can bake, shop, wrap @ leisure (early as well).

We all love the ambience of dark rooms with the Christmas tree lights on. It revokes 'good 'ole memories' in me. We are hoping to give the kids wonderful memories as well.

It changes the look of the house. Changes the internal feeling. Cozier, warmer, and a tad more peaceful. It's hard to explain, but the colour brings a tad more umm, colour, into our world.

Having things done early, gives us the chance to truly enjoy this time without the rush and frantic pace that can go along with Christmas.

It works for us. Well.

(**If you aren't prepared yet to think or look on anything Christmas, please leave now, and return when you are ready**)

Gotta love doll.arama and val.ue!!
Our banister with the beginning stages of the garland.
We get decorating!

(click on pic for larger image.)
And, thus it begins.


Holly said...

Beautiful job!!

How do you get your decorations to stay in the garland? Do you glue it or is it just able to poke into it and stay put?

gitz said...

You've got a real eye for that... great decorating!

Amy said...

@holly--I do both. Love hate relationship with glue gun...Love it, because, well, it's awesome. Hate it because it's almost permanent. I try to poke as much in as possible, then glue on the bulbs etc.

Amanda said...

this makes my heart happy :)

Juls said...

Amy you are so talented. Everything looks so pretty.

Ris said...

Same here!!! We decorated this weekend. Including a tree. (will get a live tree for our living room after thanksgiving but got a big prelit one for our formal living which is exciting bc we were able to put it up early!) I love decorations and everything to do with Christmas! Already working the music, foods, hot chocolate, etc! Praise God for sending His Son. Love the garland! And your early timing! :-)

Jen said...

Very beautiful Amy!!

I'd start now too, but have a hubby that still thinks next weekend (when we WILL be decorating) is too early. Last night I explained my reasonings for NEEDING it done then, one being...this is in all likelihood my last year to have my whole family decorating the tree together...I know they don't care, but I REALLY DO, and in our house, "when mama's happy, everyone is happy...and when she's not..."

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas! "It's my Hap, Happiest season of all..."!!!

Merry decorating!

Shari said...

I'm waiting to decorate... much to my daughter's dismay.

We have some drywalling to finish in the basement and the bathroom. So I'd rather get all the dust out of the way and then decorate. Hopefully my house will be ready for Christmas by Dec. 1st.

I generally leave my fall decoations up till after the US Thanksgiving and then immediately put up my Christmas stuff.

Happy Decorating Amy.

Vicki said...

Love your descriptions AND your decorations!

My house is all decorated (thanks to Andrew) and looks beautiful. Then we walked out the door, locked it behind us and left on tour for a month ....

Tamatha said...

I would SO have things decorated this early this year.....but my friend from Australia is coming on December 10th...and I am waiting for her to come to have her be a part of the decor

Dionna said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog today. And I don't do well under pressure either.... :)

Shaun and Holly said...

Ahem! Part two???