Friday, November 6, 2009

Where've you been??

I haven't been neglecting you.
Okay, well, maybe I have.
But all for good reason.

Don't be offended. Here's proof.

1)My hubby went away on course for 8 days. Three kids, an out-of-home-job, and multiple extra-curricular activities. Enough said?

2) I had to tend to a bat, a bunny, and a zombie bride. Not as easy as it sounds! That bunny gets C-RAAA-NKY!!

3)"MY" computer has decided to take a siesta for a I'm dependant on the 'ole *gulp, sigh* desktop faithful.

4) Cranky bunny, brave bat and spunky princess got the flu.

So did I.

This is what my husband was greeted to when he arrived home. I'm nice like that. Gatorade and a barf bucket. True love!
Today, FINALLY!!! (after 9 days!) I am feeling almost myself. I can walk. I can breathe. I feel overwhemingly blessed.

But.. I have a LOOOOOOOOOOONG list to catch up.

In the meantime...HAPPY NOVEMBER..........HAPPY DECORATING.........HAPPY SNOW............HAPPY "MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY MOMENT". And..HAPPY.. well, I'll post that later.


gitz said...

You poor thing!!!!!

Glad your in an upright position again and praying you all stay well from here on out!

[btw... CUTE halloween kids] :)

Rhonda said...

Remember that your loooooooong list isn't going anywhere. Take it from a mom whose 'little' girl moves off to Ottawa in two days.

And make sure you ease back into it. From what I've seen (and I've seen lots of it so far) it takes a while to get your strength back. Don't overdo it. :)