Sunday, November 8, 2009


The great thing about marriage (or any relationship for that matter) is that we get to choose how to react to each others characteristics. For instance, a young lady fell head over heels with a guy whom she thought had the best sense of humour ever. He made her laugh at silly things, did spontaneous crazy acts at all times, and was just a ton of fun to be with. They got married, and suddenly, those crazy "funny" things became immature and annoying. She got to choose how she reacted to his traits.

Today, in honour of my best friends 33 birthday, I give to you 33 wonderfully amazing attributes about the love of my life.

1. You love God with your whole being. Thank you.
2. You are a tremendous, loving, giving, faithful husband.
3. You love our children deeply.
4. You have a great sense of humour. You continue to make me laugh 18 years later.
5. You are focused. If you set a goal, there is little anyone can do to stop you.
6. You strive to do your best with all aspects of the goal you have set. At times it irritates me how much work you put into work, but then realize you are doing your absolute best, and I love that.
7. You are passionate. Very passionate.
8. You are levelheaded. Comes with your job, BUT you carry it very well.
9. You are smart. You remember the strangest facts. I look forward to you helping with geography, science and history homework.
10. You are spontaneous. Love it. (hate it. lol)
11. You love with all you are. Not many, but those you do, get everything you have.
12. You care.
13. You have immense self-love. That's good. It gets you places. God loves that you love what he made.
14. You are calm in hectic situations. That makes us feel secure.
15. You are faithful. You understand what you have is not worth throwing away for short, small gain. (which is easily accessible in your line of work)
16. You are a true worshiper.
17. You care more about what 'we' (me & kids) think than what anyone else does. (albeit God)
18. You show mercy. You would rather apologize than be correct.
19. You are a tremendous provider. You work in the middle of the night, while we all are sleeping, to put food on our table, and then wake up early to watch the kids.
20. You are supportive beyond words. Even if you don't understand, or necessarily agree, you stand behind me 110% because you believe in me.
21. You are uplifting and encouraging. Hannah says "she KNOWS she's beautiful because her dad tells her so". Me too.
22. You never expect. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If I never made another meal, you wouldn't say a thing.
23. You are fun. Adventurous.
24. You are peaceful. Although not always 'talkative' or 'into' the conversation, you are seldom angry. I can count on my fingers how many times I've seen you yell. In 18 years--Seldom.
25. You keep us grounded. Remind us how very blessed we are.
26. You are accepting. You love my 'family' (extended). You often mention how much of a blessing they are.
27. You are a natural leader.
28. You are generous to me. You go overboard at Christmas. You like to see me smile.
29. You are observant and alert. Once again, making us feel secure and safe.
30. You are full of common sense. This goes such a long long way.
31. You are full of life. Even when you are 'dealing' with the after math of situations at work, you might 'shutdown' briefly, but then rebound with full exuberance.
32. You are a gifted musician. You put all you are into music.
33. You are the hero to 4 very special people. Me, Hannah, Isaiah, and Aliah.

We love you deep.
Happy 33rd Birthday Mike!!!!!!!


gitz said...

i just love your family, amy. the way you all care about each other is what most little girls dream of having someday. i'm so glad you and mike have each other and value each other as you do.

Happy Birthday, Mike!

[btw, a video of him playing guitar would be fun... :)]

Jen said...

Awesome! Happy birthday Mike, from the Piers family.

Maureen said...

What a beautiful loving tribute to your best friend
Happy Birthday Mike

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to a great man who is dearly loved by his family!!! Ya'll are blessed! :) Great tribute Amy! I hope that you print it out and save a "hard copy". Awesome!

I would love to do the same for my husband who is turning 40 this Dec!!!


Anonymous said...

I say yes to all this. This is an accurate picture, much of which I've seen displayed in Mike. Some of which I have not, but believe it to be true.

Sending Mike much honor and blessings on this his birthday. You are a gift to many and most importantly God and your family.

Shari said...

What a great list!! Kev and I feel so blessed to have you and Mike in our lives and church body. Happy Birthday Mike!!

redeemed diva said...

Awesome list! Yay for amazing husbands!!!
happy Birthday Mike