Thursday, December 10, 2009


We are very much alive and well....just trying to enjoy this season, "Jesus' birth" , while dealing with the hectic craziness of life. Hoping that each one of you are taking time out each day to enjoy this beautiful, hope-filled time of year.


Jen said...

It looks like you are all set for Christmas morning....I love the paper chain on the tree.
So glad you are all enjoying the beauty of this incredible Christmas season.
Amy, I very much appreciate your offer of help...I think the rest is quite doable though.
Besides, You have to be the absolutely most busy family I know...which makes your offer even more special, because I know you would find a way to fit it in to help if I asked.
Thank You and Merry Christmas!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Super Cute!! :) I know you have the "Amy Tree" upstairs in your livingroom that looks quite different! lol

Do you and M get some time off for the Holidays?


redeemed diva said...

i love your tree!!!

gitz said...

awww... that paper chain just brought back so many memories!!! :)

and it looks like your kids are going to have a fun Christmas morning... can't wait to see the photo of the room covered in wrapping paper :)