Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It worked!! All 12 bottles sealed. Salsa tastes yum-o!! Nachos last evening, quesadillas this evening...glorious!!

Next pie filling. Seeing as it IS apple season! Anyone ever tried to can that? (& have a good recipe????)

While the adults were enjoying nachos, the eldest was preparing for today. (supposed to be sleeping!) I think I've created a monster???!!

Happy Hump Day!


SHARI said...

You never stop... you are always on the go!!
Your daughter certainly does take after her Mamma. Exactly what is "Happy Hump Day"????

Holly said...

Hump day: Wednesday, the middle of the week, implying that you have to get "over the hump" before you can anticipate the weekend. The term was not originally intended to carry a second, more risque meaning.

Juls said...

The salsa looks so yummy! I will have to get the recipe for the apple pie filling. we love going apple picking and always have lots.
As for Hanna...she's learning from the best, it's always better to be prepared

Jen said...

Oh yummy! Love Hannah's outfit, so Jiannaish...she does this too, some times weeks in advance. Last night she was picking her outfit for picture day which is on Oct. 13th!
Gotta love them, I believe their planning gene comes from their mothers....LOL!!!

Maureen said...

Oh that looks sooo yummy
You know I am not a good cook but did you know I am an amazing taster

The tattoo didn't hurt as much as everyone said it would, it was more of an annoying warm pain.

Rhonda said...

That's great! Mark & I have an amazing recipe for salsa too - it's supposed to be LoneStar's salsa - and it really tastes just like it!

Your daughter has great taste - Hannah is going to look lovely at school. :)

Holly said...

Oh and Rhonda,
You should post your salsa recipe on your Blog! :)