Monday, September 28, 2009


I am blessed beyond measure.
One of these blessings is that I am alive and healthy.

My own personal conviction is to try the best I can, with what I have (and whom!), to keep myself (& us) that way.
Which, for our family, means healthy eating, among other things.

My dear friend Holly posted a recipe for salsa a while back. I have always wanted to try canning. Loving the natural/healthiness of the process, yet a tad unsure if I was actually capable of doing it.

Yesterday, I overcame that fear and, started chopping a gigantic pot of fresh, healthy, wholesome, YUMMY! goodness.
**okay, so when I said healthy, I meant healthy PLUS a bit of diet coke.**

okay, minus the paste and 2TBSP of sugar..shh..don't tell!!

had my cookbook on the counter!

mmm..yummy...starting to boil.

I knew that IF I was to try canning, I HAD TO figure a way to keep the kitchen clean. Which, for me, means doing the dishes AS I go. As well as putting away 'extra' ingredients while I cook. I simply can not leave it all to the end. I'm weird that way.

First round of dishes.

"A picture of me mama, pease !"

As the pot simmers, the kitchen gets clean, just the way I like it!

After a few tries the cans end up in my NEW (thanks dad!) pot. With a little help from Mike.

I have to wait 24 hours to see if it really worked. I did hear some popping though, so let's hope!


Shaun and Holly said...

There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of those lids sealing: "POP!"

I ususally leave the jars on the counter for a week so I can admire them! lol (I wish I was joking...)

I also just have to try a jar right away even though it gets tastier over time. : )

Great job Amy! I hope you had fun! Did the kid's complain about the "smells" in the house that day? Our boy doesn't care for it much, so I open the windows to air out the house a bit, afterward.


Jen said... are WONDER WOMAN!!!!

Amy said...

lol..not quite Jen.
But pretty darn close..haha!!

I'm thinking of canning apple pie filling next..what r ur thoughts on that? easy? good to eat after?

Amy said...

no complaints on smells.
Hannah LOVES salsa and LOVED the smell.
Isaiah didn't notice. Mike said it smelled yummy.

I did try some that was 'left over'. not so bad at alL!

Megan said...

nice! looks so good! i love salsa, but when we've made it, it really stinks up the house! :)


Holly said...

: ) Yummy!

Vicki said...

Yum ... I used to do lots of canning and loved opening a jar in the dead of winter and having nice fresh tasting "whatever"! Haven't done it in awhile though ... maybe it's time to start again?